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Fernando Sanchez, Reporter

Fernando Sanchez is junior at John Adams. He may be young and inexperienced, but that is no barrier for his passion and commitment. Fernando has shown dedication to the John Adams swim team even with many hurdles in his first year on the team. He was able to persevere through his first year on the team, later becoming this year’s co-captain. Becoming co-captain was his biggest accomplishment especially given the circumstances of not having an adequate team to compete. Many in the team gave up but he was determined to keep going.
When Fernando isn’t at the pool, he enjoys spending time learning more about politics, the environment and LGBTQ+ issues. He hasn’t always been this open, but that all changed when he came out. Coming out meant more than just expressing who he loves; it also meant that he was no longer a phony. He became the authentic Fernando. He had struggled not only with his sexuality but with his color. Growing up he would ask why everyone around him was paler than he was. He felt ashamed of his own color. Slowly, Fernando gained the confidence to be comfortable with himself and he hopes that one day he will fully be able to understand who he is.
Fernando has ambitious goals and standards for himself. His goal is to attend the University of Notre Dame or Indiana University Bloomington. His desire is to major in Political Science, attend law school, and become a lawyer. Becoming a lawyer isn’t his only dream. He admires people in public service and aspires to one day be a politician. Some, including his parents, believe this is nothing more than a pipedream. He aspires to become a US Representative, like his role-model, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She symbolizes a voice and a person who represents him. Fernando’s favorite quote from the congresswoman is, “Hope is not something you have. Hope is something that you create, with your actions.”

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