Texas’ Controversial Abortion Bill

Fernando Sanchez, Reporter

Six weeks, that is the new cutoff for women who are seeking an abortion in the state of Texas. Senate Bill 8, which was later signed into law by Gov. Greg Abott, would limit the amount of time a woman has to get an abortion. This controversial law has been subject to much debate across the country, now many people are worried about the future of abortion rights not only in Texas but across the nation. 

Senate Bill 8 also known as “The Heartbeat Act”, was set to come into effect on September 1st and has since been met with much opposition. Democratic lawmakers including 9 senators fled the state which delayed the vote of bills such as Senate Bill 8. The decision to leave the state was very controversial and the lawmakers were eventually told that they could face legal action under the rules of The House. The Heatbeat Act was passed with only one Democratic Senator voting alongside the Republicans. Since then a debate around the bill has spread across the country and now many are asking if this bill goes too far and if it is even constitutional. 

The debate over the constitutionality of The Heartbeat Act has reached the Justice Department. Merrick Garland, the Attorney General and head of the Justice Department has promised to fight the Texas law and the Justice department has filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas. The lawsuit comes after The Supreme Court refused to strike down the Texas law. Many abortion advocates are hoping that the Biden Administration will take action against the law. Now Democrats are advocating for Roe v. Wade to be codified into law many are weary that abortion challenges to the Texas law would also bring changes to Roe v. Wade.  

The future of abortion rights across the country are uncertain. Other states could possibly follow in the footsteps of Texas and create strict abortion laws. Although this law originated in Texas it has quickly spread across the nation and any decision made surrounding this law and future laws will be sure to spark debates.