The Republican Party is In a Civil War


Fernando Sanchez, Reporter

Before Donald Trump and the rise of the “America first” movement, Mitt Romney and John McCain were seen as the “typical” Republicans. They were seen as the candidates who could win and the candidates who could connect with the people. Ultimately they both lost their elections and in 2016 the Republican Party was expected to try again with the same “traditional” Republican. However a billionaire New York businessman with an unapologetic demeanor and a slogan that was seen as a joke, “Make America Great Again” was able to win an election. Donald Trump defeated a career politician who was seen as an inevitable president. In 2020 the Republican Party lost the Presidency and Congress and now Trump is blaming the “RINOS” for letting the Democrats “steal” the election. The Republican party is now in civil war between the “America first” Republicans and the “traditional” Republicans.

Former President Donald Trump has promised to replace every “RINO” with a Republican who will put America first. Who are these RINOS and why is Donald Trump attacking his own party? Trump claims that the Republicans who voted to certify the election results are Republicans in name only aka RINO’s. Trump has accused longtime conservative leaders as RINO’s like Sen.John Thune the second most powerful Republican in the Senate and Georgia Gov.Brian Kemp who is a staunch supporter of Trump’s agenda. Trump is targeting members of his own party for disagreeing with him over facts, He lost the election. Republicans are truly stuck between a rock and a hard place. They could either choose to back a president that doesn’t represent their values in order to avoid a primary challenger or to be a critic of his agenda and risk your political future.

The Republican Party is unlikely to move on from Trump and his ideology, no matter how hard the “traditional” Republicans try. Donald Trump’s main targets to defeat in 2022 are Governors Brian Kemp from Georgia, Mike Dewine from Ohio and Senators Lisa Murkowksi of Alaska and John Thune of South Dakota. Trump is also Recruiting Trump-friendly candidates for governors races in Arkansas and Arizona. In the Senate Trump is targeting open seats in Pennsylvania, Ohio,and North Carolina. Trump has committed to primary Republicans who are seen as unloyal to him including staunch conservatives like Todd Young of Indiana, Roy Blunt of Missouri, and Jerry Moran of Kansas. Trump is okay with replacing and destroying the political careers of senators of his own party if it means they are replaced with loyal “true” Republicans. In the end it will be up to the “traditional” Republicans to show if they are able to fight back and go back to their old ways or if it’s time to embrace a “new” Republican Party.