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Elijah Henry

Elijah Henry, Reporter

As the times change here at John Adams, so do the students. Including Elijah, who more commonly goes by Eli. Eli is a junior at Adams, and is excited to take his new part in the school publication, or better known as The Tower. While originally attending Mishawaka schools, he soon after enrolled at Jefferson Intermediate where he became acquainted with a newfound interest, writing. What drove his writing is his imagination, more specifically, how you could write about anything that comes to mind. Eli had always found history and written records fascinating, realizing the flexibility of it. “You should join the Tower at school, you’d be really good at it and it might be fun!” Said his parents. As Eli slowly became acquainted with his interest, he also became acclimated with the freedom of writing. He loved that there was so much flexibility on the topic of writing. While being enrolled in his previous middle school, Jefferson, he also was quickly accepted into the National Honors Society. He has also gotten many offers from the National Society of High School Scholars. Soon after this, he was diagnosed with ASD, however he is still continuing his education at John Adams High School where he plans to be more involved with his classes, writing, and even some electives or clubs. His end goal in education is striving towards Purdue University, where he is undecided in a major, yet leaning towards cybersecurity. Elijah is extremely excited to take his part in The Tower, and to bring forth content for the community around him.

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Elijah Henry