United States brings down three UFOs; New information on Chinese spy balloon

United States brings down three UFOs; New information on Chinese spy balloon

Elijah Henry, Reporter

In the past few days, excluding the Russian spy balloons, 3 more UFOs have been shot down over North America by the U.S. military. We don’t exactly know what has been happening and why these have kept appearing, but thankfully this is being sorted out. Many people when they hear “UFO” they immediately think of your average science fiction film with aliens and hostile creatures. However, that was not the case this time.
What we do know is that these UFOs were likely benign, as said by President Biden. An unnamed source at a recent House of Representatives briefing also guaranteed that the UFOs were “not engaged in hostile actions.” However, the military has not ruled out the chance that the “UFOs may have come from ‘hostile’ nations.” Still, there is some information that we are unaware of as of now. It was revealed that some of the debris left behind from when these UFOs were shot down cannot be obtained or located. While these UFOs may have been harmless, China has a different story for what they sent towards the United States.

When the Chinese spy balloon was originally detected, Chinese officials said that the balloon was merely a civilian’s weather balloon that had blown off course. However, they failed to provide any further information, and when the U.S. had taken a closer look at the balloon, they knew China was lying. 

According to U.S. officials, the balloon “may” have contained explosives and if detected, would explode. However, what was found on the balloon seems very suspicious. The balloon had self-steering capabilities, and a modern signal surveillance system which is obviously not just a “weather balloon.” The balloon was also confirmed to be tied to a major surveillance program run by China’s military in more than 40 other countries. China then said that the approach that the U.S. took by shooting it down after letting it drift across the country was “completely irresponsible and seriously wrong.”

This may not be the last we see of these UFOs this year, given that more than 3 have already been discovered. Who knows what we will find next, more harmless objects or something more malicious.