FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

Elijah Henry, Reporter

For many across the globe, the FIFA World Cup, played in Qatar, has been a large source of confusion. This year, we’ve seen some underdogs knock out some of the greatest teams in the world according to past games, such as Portugal’s loss against Morocco. Approximately forty-two minutes into the game, a header from Youssef En-Nesyri sailed past the goalkeeper of Portugal, Diogo Costa. The game ended with a 1-0 lead, Morocco.

This isn’t the only strange case this year however. Mexico was a team beloved by the community, however they were knocked out soon by Saudi Arabia, a team that has qualified for FIFA six times. Mexico on the other hand, has amassed many qualifications, this year was their seventeenth qualification. The game of Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico ended with a 2-1 lead for Saudi Arabia.

Again, though, this is not the only extraordinary occurrence within this tournament. Not only did Saudi Arabia win against Mexico, but they also won against Argentina. However, Argentina is still in the tournament, remaining in the top four with the soon to be decided champion.

This year, we’ve seen France dominate their opponents with some of the most out of this world skill according to many fans. They’ve won 2-1 against England, knocking them out of the tournament completely. They’ve also won against Australia, Denmark, and Poland, those respective scores being 4-1, 2-1, and 3-1. Oliver Giroud, one of France’s players, has recently been acquainted with a lot of fame for being the new record holder for most goals for France. How many has he scored, you may ask, 52 goals. The 36 year old prodigy scored his 52nd goal within the match of France vs. Poland, on December 4, 2022.

According to The, “Argentina will face 2018 finalists Croatia in the first semi-final on Tuesday, while defending champions France play Morocco on Wednesday.”

As these four teams go head to head extremely soon, the world watches. Everyone wants to see who will come out on top, who will be the next FIFA World Cup Champions.