Adams Orchestra Wins Gold


Pike Temple, Sports Editor

The John Adams High School orchestra, under the direction of Jaesung Lee, has excelled in Lee’s first year at the school. After the former orchestra teacher resigned following a long and fruitful tenure at the school, Lee received the job. His first year as the Adams orchestra director has been rewarding, as the orchestra has performed tremendously at ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) competitions over the past couple months and shined in multiple concerts this past semester. 

The orchestra’s first performance came on November 11, located at Clay High School. The Adams orchestra took part in the previously annual String-a-Long concert, where all of the SBCSC high school and middle school orchestras performed for the South Bend Community. After the two year hiatus of the concert due to the Covid-19 outbreak in March of 2020, the String-a-Long performance was a pleasant reminder of the importance of music and the positive influence it has on the community’s youth. 

Next came the winter concert on December 16 at Adams, where the orchestra performed under the direction of Lee for the first time. The orchestra’s conductor led the group in the playing of various Christmas themed pieces and performed “Let it Go”, a fan favorite, for the grand finale.

The Adams orchestra kicked off its series of ISSMA appearances at Northwood High School. The ensemble played the piece “St. Paul Suite” during the qualifying round of competition and received gold. After the qualifying stage at Northwood, the orchestra advanced to the state competition in Indianapolis. The orchestra improved on its previous performance of Saint Paul Suite and won gold with distinction at State, the highest award given. Lastly, the orchestra made its final ISSMA performance at Penn High School. The group played “St. Paul Suite” once again, “Nimrod”, and “Heart of Fire” in front of judges, families, and friends before sight reading a new piece in front of judges in a private performance room. 

The Adams orchestra will have its final live performance at the high school on May 23. At this spring concert, the orchestra will perform a plethora of pieces and will exhibit ensemble performances from ISSMA including solos and trios among others.