Art Club at Art Beat


Pike Temple, Sports Editor

On August 20th, the John Adams Art Club set up a booth at Art Beat, an annual event held in downtown South Bend that gives local artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their work. The John Adams Art Club, like the other artists and creators showcasing their artwork at Art Beat, arrived at 8:00 in the morning to set up their booth along the Jefferson Bridge and the East Bank. This year was the first time the JA Art Club held a booth at Art Beat. Many hours during summer break were spent preparing the booth and members of the Art Club met throughout the summer to plan and create the artwork displayed.

Co-Presidents Marcelina Kukawska and Kinsey Temple, aided by family members, set up the booth featuring the various forms of artwork made by John Adams students. Postcards, necklaces, earrings, stickers, and buttons galore covered the front display table. Inside the tent, postcards and original art hung from yarn and clothespins. Greeting cards and digital prints lined the side table. Original ceramics were exhibited on shelves against the back wall. Colorful handmade signs were attached to the tent to advertise the work made almost entirely by students of Adams High School.

After selling artwork for about 12 hours, the John Adams Art Club, represented by Marcelina Kukawska, Kinsey Temple, Amanda Notestine, Isabelle Camilleri, Joseph Kirner, and Finn Temple, raised around $750. The Art Club hopes to put the money to good use, according to Kinsey Temple, “We hope to visit some art museums or buy new supplies.” She also mentioned going to Potawatomi Conservatories, a botanical garden located near John Adams High School, as well as the Chicago Art Institute of Chicago. “We wanted to raise some money and have a bigger presence in the community,” Temple added. “ I’m so glad we did it, the Adams community is strong. It was definitely worth all the time and energy.” The Art Club’s presence has grown within the local community while creating a community of its own at Adams based on art, creativity, and self-expression.