Demetree & Demarian Jones

Senior Spotlight


Pike Temple, Sports Reporter

During their last 4 years at Adams, Demetree and Demarian Jones have been stellar student-athletes. They have played on the varsity football team for 2 years and been a part of the unified track team for 2 years. From their experience on the football team and unified track team, Demetree has “learned how to be a leader and role model.” On the unified track team, they got the opportunity to work with special needs kids in a team setting. Demarian believes “everyone should be treated the same no matter if they have disabilities.” He considers his time on the football team and unified track team as life changing. “[Football] is more than just a sport, it is what shaped me into who I am today.” The brothers have made lasting friendships and memories while on the football team and unified track team.

The Jones twins agreed that their favorite memory from their time at Adams was beating St. Joe in football on senior night. Another experience Demarian mentioned was the Ohio trip with the football team where they “went to Golden Corral, the Football Hall of Fame, stayed in a hotel, and had a game the next day.” Both brothers also mentioned that going to state for the unified track team was a highlight.

Demetree and Demarian are twins. The pair “do everything together.” “Being a twin is something special,” says Demarian, “we have a bond that no person or thing can break.” The twins look forward to graduating this spring.“Graduating is one of the biggest parts of your life,” remarks Demetree, “I’m glad I can share that experience with my brother.” Demarian feels the same way. “It’s going to be a great feeling when we both cross the stage,” he adds. Both were offered scholarships to play football at Marian University in Indianapolis and have committed. Demetree Jones looks forward to college and playing football with his brother. “When I was on the visit I felt great,” exclaims Demarian, “I could picture myself there for the next four years of my life. I’m blessed and thankful for the opportunity.” At Marian University, he and his twin will “support each other and have fun” but also bring out each other’s competitiveness when playing together at the next level.

As a piece of advice, Demetree recommends being yourself. “Don’t try to change yourself to find friends or fit in,” says the future Marian Knight. “Make the most of high school, it goes faster than you think.” Demetree, one half of “everyone’s favorite twins,” trusts that his experience at Marian University will go great. “We do almost everything together,” states Demarian, “so graduating with him [Demetree] is just closing out another chapter that we started together.” The twins will begin a new chapter of their lives together in Indianapolis this fall.