Diego Cardenas

Senior Spotlight


Pike Temple, Reporter

Diego Cardenas is a graduating Senior at John Adams High School. Diego’s cheerful demeanor shines in and out of the classroom. He helps out at a youth baseball clinic here in South Bend and also takes part in Adams based organizations such as JAVA, Eagles Going Green, and Student Government. Diego has taken many AP and IB classes and he is most proud of taking IB Environmental Systems with Mr. McQueen his senior year; which, according to Diego, is “by far my most favorite class I’ve been enrolled in.” When asked to give an interesting fact about himself, Diego stated that, “when I learned cursive in the 3rd grade, I only wrote in it until my freshman year of high school.” While most students may have easily forgotten how to write in cursive besides one’s name, Diego became the master of this writing style. Diego has fond memories of his two years at Adams. He declared that one of his “top two favorite memories of high school was walking into Adams his first day of junior year after transferring from Clay.” The other top memory or memories being “the countless days in the lunchroom.” Diego proclaimed that “laughing over a good lunch with friends is all you could ask for.” After reflecting on his time at Adams, Diego was pleased to announce that he achieved many goals that he set for himself during his years in high school. He said, later on, that his “most proud [achievement] is making friends and becoming more social while expanding my horizon with others.” Diego would like to be remembered by his classmates as “outgoing and well mannered.”  He exclaimed that he is “definitely stoked to graduate, but more excited for the future and going to school two and a half hours away.” Diego will be attending the University of Indianapolis this upcoming fall. He earned a scholarship to U of Indy for his talent on the baseball field, specifically as a middle infielder and pitcher. Diego announced his commitment this past fall. His bright personality will surely be missed by his friends, fellow students, teachers, teammates, and coaches. Diego’s piece of advice to his peers: “Live life to the fullest and make the best of what you have, as well as don’t burn bridges; you’ll never know how things may end up.”