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Grace Hartman
Hailing from LaSalle Academy, social activist Grace Hartman is a 15-year-old sophomore and prides herself on being unique in all aspects possible. As a well-versed musician and a productive journalist, her main emphasis lies on the importance of self expression. Every person has a voice and she believes that each one should have an equal opportunity to be heard. She is most versed in the topics of racial/gender equality, feminism, and sexuality (LGBTQ+ Community). Outside of school Grace spends much of her time listening to music and playing a variety of instruments including guitar, ukulele, piano, and the violin. A few of her “go-to” artists are Janelle Monaes, Omar Apollo, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. When she is not writing powerful editorials and challenging world views, Grace finds much sentimental value in connecting with nature. One of her favorite activities to do in her free time is hiking and playing soccer, her sport of choice for 10 years. In Adams High she volunteers for JAVA (John Adams Volunteer Association).

Grace Hartman, Reporter

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Grace Hartman