My Outlook On Living In A Pandemic


March 16th, 2020 was the last day I went to school. I left thinking only of the two week break I would be getting. I was excited for time off, a break to recharge, stay up late at night and sleep in every morning only having a small amount of school work to complete every day. Then slowly that two week closing period for schools became extended until the beginning of April, then may and slowly I had to comprehend the idea that I wouldn’t be going back to school this year. 

In the beginning it really did impact my routine a lot. I was a very social person and I liked to keep busy and have lots of things planned so to adjust to a new and completely different schedule was difficult and something I had to come to terms with. For me I have tried as best as I can to see the positives in this situation and for me there have been many. Though it would be naive of me to say that this situation is positive because the amount of death and sacrifices people are making everyday, I recognize my privilege to use this time to my advantage and to leisure while other people are risking their lives everyday as a doctor or an essential employee.

There are plenty of things that I have missed dearly such as my friends and other relatives that I used to see on a somewhat normal basis such as my grandparents. I miss being able to go out and enjoy things like movies, concerts, dinner dates with friends and family and hanging out at friends houses. Even though it pains me so much that I don get to see them, my love for wanting to keep them safe and healthy has helped with continued social distancing and to not going out to see them. 

This impacted my school year a lot. I worry that I will be unprepared for future classes that I’m taking and that I’m not completely understanding certain subjects because of the lack and difficulty of communication between students and teachers. I know it has been difficult for friends I have talked to about this as well as myself. I am lucky that all of this is happening in my sophomore year because there are no huge milestones in high school for me this year. My heart goes out to all the seniors. A lot of my senior friends I know have been deeply impacted because of all of this and I wish them all the best. 

During this quarantine I’ve really gotten back into reading and gotten back in touch with nature and going outside. When I was little my dad and I used to go hiking at county parks. I had to be so very little when we started doing this because I specifically remember my dad having to actually print out directions and I would read them off to him from the backseat. Recently when we went about a week ago I was the one driving the car with my phone’s map app telling me where to go. It’s realized how quick time has actually gone by for me and how things have changed.

I keep telling my parents I don’t think I’ve known myself any better than I have now. Just being alone more and having time to think just me and my thoughts without anyone to influence me. I have the time to ask myself, “Well, what do I actually think about this.” I’m more self-sufficient and self-assured then I’ve ever been. 

To end this off I want to thank everyone who has been following social distancing orders and staying home. It is so extremely important that we all do this to keep everyone safe not just yourself. This impacts anyone who you come into contact with. Medical professionals are continuously risking their lives everyday to go somewhere they know isn’t safe. Being asymptomatic is a thing with this virus and you can impact the people who you’re just “meeting up with”. My heart goes out to everyone who has not had the opportunity to go to prom or have a graduation, the people celebrating anniversaries and birthdays and to anyone who has lost someone during this whole situation. We are all in this together.