Oriane’s Last Complaints


Oriane Dancler, Former Reporter

     Growing up I always loved writing. I remember always telling my mom and dad I wanted to be an author so I could write all the time. I loved the thrill of coming up with a story and being able to write or type something down before I  could even think about it. Writing as a kid was always my safe space. After a couple of years of course dreams start to fade. Writing started to feel like more of a chore than fun. I didn’t think writing would become fun again.
       I never wanted to join the newspaper, Lizzie actually made me do it. She said, “It would be fun and we could finally be in a class together”.  Of course, I can’t say no to her so in my Sophomore year I signed up for the class. At first, I hated every second of the class. It was during quarantine and so early in the morning; I just thought it was boring. Nowicki was screaming at 9 am. It was just too much. Then we started writing articles. Being able to be creative and write about fashion, movies, or my culture was the best experience I could ask for. I fell in love with writing again because of the newspaper. I was able to learn, explore, and improve my writing style.
Even though I wanted to leave at first I don’t think I could’ve survived the rest of high school without the newspaper. Writing articles week after week no matter how much I complained I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I wouldn’t be the writer I am now without it. I never saw myself as a journalist but this class changed that. No, that is not my career path but it suits for a minor. I will truly miss newspaper with all of my heart. Nothing will compare to Nowicki’s rants once every week or me complaining every day because it’s what I do best. Newspaper has brought me some of my best high school memories and friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life