Jalen Hurts’ Big Pay Day


Isaac Shrader, Reporter

Star NFL Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jalen Hurts, signed the biggest contract ever in terms of annual salary last Monday, April 24th, 2023. The contract involved an agreement on a 5-year, $255 million extension, with $179.304 million guaranteed. To put that in a more manageable perspective, he will be getting paid $6.15 million in 2023, $13.56 million in 2024, $21.77 million in 2025, and $31.77 million in 2026.

The deal also includes the first no-trade clause, which is the first in Eagles history, meaning they are looking to keep him for the long-term. The Philadelphia Eagles clearly see a lot of potential in their young, flourishing quarterback, which it is understandable, due to the fact they are coming off a year where he led them to the Super Bowl after only 2 full seasons as a starter. 

Jalen Hurts’ salary will certainly have ripple effects across the league, especially when it comes to other quarterbacks salary negotiations. While Jalen Hurts may be content with the money he’s earning, even declaring he cares more about winning championships than getting paid, there are other players who aren’t so satisfied, particularly Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson and the Raven’s organization have been at each other’s throats when it comes to his salary, and Jalen Hurts’ payment will likely bring their tension to the breaking point.

Lamar Jackson wants a contract structured more like Deshaun Watson’s, where there is more guaranteed money upfront rather than the backend of the deal, but with the introduction of Jalen Hurts’ newly structured contract and organizations taking an interest in the biggest deals, it is looking more likely that Jackson’s deal will be structured that way as well… just with less money. What this means for Jackson’s future with the organization is unknown, but it is likely he will play for them this coming season. 

Hurts’ contract also means big things for his fellow “next-generation” QBs in the league. Joe Burrow, in particular, will definitely be looking for a large, possibly bigger, contract as he is a very similar player to Hurts, both having made it to Super Bowls and been MVP candidates. Burrow is arguably better than Hurts, having better career statistics and a bit more time as a starter, so a similarly large contract would not be out of the ordinary. Additionally, the Bengals are likely looking to keep Burrow around for quite some time, and a large contract extension would certainly do the trick.

Looking into the same draft class, Justin Herbert may also be in search for a contract extension. While he has not seen the same success as his cross-country counterparts, largely due to team failure and injuries, Herbert is no doubt a generational talent and valuable component of the Charger’s franchise. He may not get the same large contract that Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson seek, but the Chargers will likely be looking at paying him a large sum of money over an extended period of time in order to keep him engaged in the organization. 

Jalen Hurts’ contract has no doubt set a precedent in the league for years to come. Such a large salary will impact how quarterback negotiations are done and the league will continue to see a rise in quarterback salaries over the next few years. The quarterback position is one of the most important on the field, and these players are often the face of the franchise, so Jalen Hurts’ monumental contract is just the beginning for the new era of quarterbacks.