Lewis Capaldi Concert Review


Joie Warnke, Reporter

Lewis Capaldi, a Scottish pop-singer, kicked off his American tour in Nashville, Tennessee on March 30, 2023 at the historic venue, Grand Ole Opry. Releasing his first extended-play (EP) in 2017, Capaldi has gained heavy popularity over the years. Some of his more recognizable hits include “Someone You Loved” and “Before You Go,” each having over one billion streams on Spotify. His debut album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, was released in 2019. With the intent to create his next album, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to Capaldi’s creation of music. However, in 2022, Capaldi announced that his new album, Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent would be set to release in May and released two singles, “Forget Me,” and “Pointless.” His American tour is themed around his new album, and is one of the best concerts that I have attended.

His opening act was none other than Em Beihold, known for her hit song, “Numb Little Bug” that took the internet by storm at the beginning of 2022. She performed for about an hour, and is a pretty good live singer. I could tell that she was nervous since it was opening night, but she kept the crowd engaged throughout her performance. She even performed the song “Until I Found You,” which was originally written by the singer Stephen Sanchez, but they did another version together where she wrote a verse for the song. I was so completely stunned that she actually sang that song, and I loved singing along. I feel as though I would have enjoyed it if I knew more of her songs, but overall I did enjoy her set. 

Then it was time for Lewis Capaldi. The lights dimmed and the stage opened with a dramatic visual on the screen of a staircase, a prominent motif throughout his album. His band appeared on stage with vibrant flashing lights in the background. Capaldi then ran on stage to the mic stand and began singing his heart out.

He opened with his hit single, “Forget Me,” which was a tune the entire audience knew. Everyone was loudly singing along with him, including myself. The rest of his set included songs such as “Pointless,” “Bruises,” “Fade,” “Hold me While You Wait,” and “Someone You Loved.” He even performed two of his unreleased songs that are scheduled to be his next released singles.

 I have to argue that Capaldi is one of the greatest live singers I have heard in concert. His voice is so distinct and so beautiful. He sounds exactly like he does in his recorded songs, which is something I value in a performance. 

Not only was he a wonderful singer, he was also quite the comedian. In between some of his songs, he would talk to his audience and have them laughing with every sentence he spoke. Some jokes were appropriate, some were not… But I still enjoyed it nonetheless! He even had my parents laughing to the point of tears!

During this night, I laughed, I cried, and I screamed my heart out to all of his songs. I had an amazing experience and wish that I could do it all again. Unfortunately, the rest of his American tour is sold out, but with the release of his new album approaching, I am certain he will be back on the road in the future.