Ari and Isaac’s Super Sporty Spotlight: GOAT Debate


Isaac Shrader, Reporter

The twenty-first century era of sports has brought about phenomenal athletes that have changed the way sports are viewed. Two athletes that fly high above the rest are LeBron James and Tom Brady. Both juggernauts of their sport, they each have been dominating their respective fields since the beginning of the millennium. But the question remains: who is the true goat of this generation of athletes? In this article, I will be reviewing Tom Brady’s career and his incredible achievements in order to provide information to help you decide your GOAT!

Recently retired Tom Brady is coming off his 23rd, and final, season in the league. Throughout his time as an NFL quarterback, he has amassed several stunning statistics and unbelievable records, while impacting the game in a way that has never been seen before. 

To start, Tom Brady has won a grand total of seven Super Bowls, the most of any player, as well as the most of any franchise. A star-player in a majority of these wins, Tom Brady holds the NFL record for most Super Bowl MVPs, achieving the award five times. 

Beyond leading in Super Bowl wins and MVPs, Tom Brady is also the all-time leader in passing yards with 89,214 and touchdown passes with 649. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl 15 times, more than any other player, and has won three NFL MVPs. His high numbers are partially due to his longevity, performing at an extremely high level years into his career. Tom Brady showed that age doesn’t matter, as long as the same work ethic and mentality is retained. 

Tom Brady is also a postseason legend, having 20 appearances in the playoffs, the most of any player. He has started in 48 postseason games, and won 35 postseason games, at the top of the list in both categories. In addition to leading in regular season passing yards and touchdowns, he also leads the postseason in these stats, with 13,400 passing yards and 88 passing touchdowns. 

An iconic feature of Tom Brady’s game is his frustratingly spectacular game-winning drives. Tom Brady leads the postseason in fourth quarter comebacks with nine, the most famous being his 28-3 comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, where Tom Brady led the Patriots to the largest comeback in Super Bowl history in the final 17 minutes of regulation. 

Tom Brady is the most accomplished player in NFL History, and one of the most accomplished players in the history of sports. Very few players have won like Tom Brady, and his longevity changed expectations for NFL quarterbacks. His impact on the game of football has been insurmountable, and he has become an inspiration for countless other competitors who are looking to achieve what he has achieved. Since his introduction to the league in the 2001 season, Tom Brady has been winning and building his reputation as the greatest quarterback to ever set foot on a football field. His achievements at his position, and his influence on the sport, makes him indisputably a GOAT in all of sports.