Fernando Sanchez

Senior Spotlights


Isaac Shrader, Reporter

An active member in his school community and a hard-working IB student, Fernando Sanchez exemplifies perfectly what it means to be part of John Adams. Since his freshman year, Fernando has been involved in a plethora of activities and clubs, and he is thankful for the opportunities they have given him. 

Co-President for Model UN and Students for IB Diversity, as well as Vice President of Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, and Mental Health Club, Fernando has no problem taking on leadership roles, and he enjoys listening to those around him in order to be there for them in times of need. 

 Fernando also represents his fellow students as Class Secretary for the 2023 Cohort and is involved in National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. On top of it all, Fernando is a seasoned athlete who has been a member of the John Adams Men’s Swim Team for the past four years. Being so involved has allowed Fernando to become open to new ideas as well as gain the opportunity for personal growth. 

“I have met so many amazing people,” Fernando said, “Being able to bring awareness to certain issues and topics through these clubs has been an incredible experience.” 

Fernando views the relationships he has made over his time at Adams as something he cares very deeply about. The connections he has formed with his teachers, friends, and loved ones during high school changed him for the better, and he believes he would’ve not made it to where he is today without them. 

Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Drake, and Ms. Minear are some of Fernando’s biggest inspirations, and they have supported him through tough times and encouraged him to persevere. Fernando’s family and friends have also been integral in his navigation of his high school career, as well as preparing him for beyond high school.

“Going through hardships is never a fun experience to have but it’s really eye-opening and reassuring to see how many people are rooting for you and supporting you.”

Outside of school, Fernando also has a passion for music, manifested in his extensive collection of vinyls. Appreciating and listening to the artwork created by these albums brings Fernando a certain enjoyment that he cannot find anywhere else. Fernando uses music as an outlet for his emotions: listening to sad music when feeling down and joyful music when he is feeling happy. Fernando views music as its own form of therapy.

Looking back on his time at Adams, Fernando is fond of the exciting field trips he went on and the fun-filled school events. Fernando specifically highlighted the Trivia Night put on by the Quiz Bowl team as a favorite memory and as the place where he met one of his favorite people. The Elkhart field trip to see Dolores Huerta was another highlight of the field trips he experienced, and he was appreciative of the opportunity to meet a cultural icon.

Fernando’s biggest piece of advice for incoming freshmen is to be in touch with yourself and to get involved because it is important to make the most of the four short years at Adams. He believes it is important to reach out to people around you and not to be afraid to try new things. 

“Be your biggest supporter if you feel like you have none. Put yourself first when needed. You know yourself best, so do what is best for you.” 

After high school, Fernando plans to pursue higher education by attending Indiana University Bloomington with a major in International Law & Institutions. Fernando hopes to be able to continue to enjoy the present and be ready for anything that life has planned for him.