Innovating Classrooms


Donovan Go, Reporter

Many students have grown up studying in classrooms which feel like reiterated copies of one another, becoming evermore mind-numbing. As education changes with the world, it gives an opportunity to give newer generations a refreshing environment which can vastly improve the experience kids have in school. 

One of the biggest impacts of a student’s focus and perception of education is the environment within the classroom.Additionally, one of the biggest components of this idea is classroom design. For many, we grow up with corny posters and quotes covering the walls and which seem to stay the same over and over as you progress through school. Student’s spend a huge amount of time in the classroom, and sitting in a classroom like that for hours on end can make it feel almost like a cell. This is especially true as students continue through grades yet the classrooms stay the same and you become tired of them.

With COVID changing the way classrooms are run, it is now more clear that a more comfortable classroom would improve students’ experience in school. But The question remains as to how teachers can improve their classroom to in turn, improve students’ comfort and study habits? 

The main basis of this article springs from an article interview with Virgil Abloh where he discussed how the ambiance of a classroom can be experimented within the modern day with renovations and new spaces. However, with many buildings not having access to this it’s important to find ways to improve traditional classrooms. Simple ways could just be using natural or warm lighting, covering walls with more relaxing colors as opposed to dull brick walls, and even utilizing new layouts of desks and whiteboards to encourage collaboration. 

It is also important that the classroom has places where students can relax or study unbothered, especially after COVID, as many teachers provide work days where they are only studying. Simply dividing the classroom into sections for different work can refresh students and give them choices within the classroom. For many curricula these kinds of changes don’t affect classroom instruction and are easy fixes to aspects of the classroom that are dull or non effective for students.

With education and the world changing, the classroom can become a place where many students feel uncomfortable and bored, but simple changes to the environment someone is in affects them more than they may even know. It is now more important to try to improve these spaces and the outdated education they were made from.