Cole’s College 10

College Basketball Rankings


Cole Cleveland, Reporter

#1. Houston Cougars (18-1)

The Cougars take the top spot in the rankings by showing off their skillful offense and strong defense. The Cougars are one of the more balanced teams in the country with a solid defense and offense that has led them to big wins. They have beaten Virginia and St. Mary’s by a combined 13 points and have made them the top team in the nation.

#2. Purdue Boilermakers (17-1)

The Boilermakers high energy team has landed them the second spot in the rankings. They have huge wins against Duke, Gonzaga and Ohio State that pushed them up the rankings, but with a loss to unranked Rugters, the Boilermakers get moved to the second spot.

#3. UCONN Huskies (15-4)

The Huskies started off their year strong with blowout wins in each of their first 8 games. The Huskies have struggled in their last 3 games with a record of 1-2. They have shown their ability to beat good teams with a 15-point win against #6 Alabama. They are looking to get back to the pace they were on in the beginning of the season.

#4. Kansas Jayhawks (16-2)

The Jayhawks are one of the best basketball colleges of all time, this year is no different. With a bolstering 22-point win against Indiana the Jayhawks continued their dominance. The Jayhawks are the reigning champions and are in the hunt to defend their title.

#5. Gonzaga Bulldogs (16-3)

Gonzaga has had one of the hardest schedules this season; they have played 5 ranked teams so far with 3 of them being in the top 10 at the time. They are 2-3 in those ranked games but have played every game close and have shown that they are still one of the best teams in the country.

#6. Alabama Crimson Tide (16-2)

The Crimson Tide have beaten a number one ranked team twice already this year. They have also beaten 5 ranked teams.  They have loses to #3 UCONN and #5 Gonzaga that knocks them back in the rankings. Alabama has shown they can beat anyone in the nation on any night and they have a real shot at a Championship this season.

#7. Tennessee Volunteers (15-3)

The Volunteers have played excellent this year. Going 2-1 against ranked teams so far this year and a double digit win against #4 Kansas has proved their worth as a top team. They have been a perfect 4-0 against teams in their conference and are tied with #6 Alabama for the conference lead.

#8. UCLA Bruins (16-2)

One of the most anticipated teams in the preseason has been pretty good so far this season. They have not fared too well against ranked teams with a 2-2 record but have dominated the rest of their schedule with double digit wins. The Bruins can play great at times but have not shown their ability to play well in big games.

#9. Kansas State Wildcats (16-2)

The Wildcats have shot up the rankings following their 3 consecutive wins against ranked teams. They have risen to the occasion during big games all year. Just having beaten #4 Kansas, the wildcats have been playing great recently.

#10. Texas Longhorns (15-3)

Texas has played great this season against unranked teams. They beat #5 Gonzaga beat 19 points early in the season but have lost most of their ranked games since. They have a mix of controversy with the firing of their head coach but it has not seemed to bother this team as they have been playing at the same level since.