How to Change Your Style

The Man Edition


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

I walk the Adams hallways scanning for good outfits everywhere I go. Every day, I can almost guess what most every guy is going to be wearing: sweatpants/shorts, a t-shirt, and a hoodie/crewneck. I try to help my guy friends and tell them to dress better but they don’t understand how. I think men might not have as much fashion inspiration as women. 


Changing your style is hard for anyone. The first step to changing your style is figuring out what you like. Fashion is subjective. If you like it then it’s a beautiful outfit. I suggest looking on Pinterest and finding these different styles that you like. I would look for specific clothes or the way certain jeans fit. You do not need to take your whole style from Pinterest; it is just there for ideas.


The second step is making a list of the things you need to achieve this style. This helps prevent you from overbuying. You don’t want to get too much and then hate that style in a couple of months. Until you figure out this is the exact style you want I would suggest buying things slowly. The main issue my guy friends have told me they don’t want to change is because it is expensive. Buying clothes is expensive especially when you are trying to make a change. Do not start buying anything from actual retail stores until once again you are decided on this exact style. Go thrifting. When buying clothes always ask yourself where you would wear them or what in your closet you could put them with. 


Putting this newfound style together can be difficult but once again Pinterest is your friend. Pinterest can help with the small things you want to try to put together. You should also know the basic colors that go together like neutrals, and red, yellow, blue. Basic outfits should be put together so you can gain confidence in this style. 


Changing your style is kind of a way of changing who you are. I know at first it can be hard to understand this change but it is a good change. Confidence can come from what you wear. These clothes can help you evolve so be open to this change in your style. Clothes can help be an extension of how you represent yourself. Take pride in what you wear


My Suggestions:

I have tried to change multiple guys’ styles but unfortunately have been unsuccessful. If I had to give my suggestions, I would say try baggy jeans and cargos. Baggy jeans and cargos go with everything and can make a bad style turn a tad better. I would also suggest accessories. It doesn’t hurt to add a necklace or a ring. You can even dress up your sweatpants with a hoodie, a puffer jacket, and high-top shoes. For shoes try Converse and New Balance 550’s. All a guy needs to do to dress slightly better is a basic white shirt, a jacket, and baggy jeans. As I said before, fashion is subjective so you don’t need to take my suggestions but MY article. I provided a gallery of some ideas below.