Colt’s Questionable New Head Coach Hire


Isaac Shrader, Reporter

After a less than mediocre start for the Indianapolis Colts, fans’ prayers for the termination of 4-year head coach Frank Reich were finally answered following a 26-3 loss to the New England Patriots. However, shortly after this announcement was made, it was revealed that Colt’s legend and long-time player Jeff Saturday would be taking up the role as interim head coach.

This coaching hire has come as a shock to many, due to the fact that Jeff Saturday has no professional coaching experience, and has spent the past 9 years as an ESPN sports analyst. Likely candidates, Gus Bradley and John Fox, currently a part of the Colt’s organization, were not given the job. After these questionable decisions, many confused football fans are asking: Why would the already struggling Indianapolis Colts hire a person with no prior experience in professional coaching?

The answers to this question are speculative. Colts owner, Jim Irsay, has claimed that the hiring of Jeff Saturday came after conversations with top executives, and that a coach with less experience could be a positive move. According to Irsay, less experienced coaches are likely to have the courage to try new things with their coaching tactics, and they do not dwell on the analytics of the game, they simply get points on the board. 

A point could be made that this move was an opportunity to try out something new. Irsay has spoken out against the fact that the team is tanking, but that has not stopped countless theories that this hire is a subtle way to ensure an early end to the Colts season. The Colts have had countless struggles already, especially pertaining to the quarterback position, so perhaps Irsay is trying to end the year in the most beneficial way possible. 

Despite the various speculations, the hiring of Jeff Saturday might be as simple as Irsay wanting to bring in a strong leader who already has great relations with the Colt’s fanbase. Jeff Saturday even stated that Irsay hired him for his leadership qualities, and other reasons he did not disclose. No matter the intentions, the Colt’s decision to not hire internally has sparked much confusion among fans, and if Jeff Saturday does not show the capacity to lead as the head coach, he will surely be asked to step down from the position.

 Yet as of now, Irsay is looking at the possibility of keeping Jeff Saturday for the long term. Fans of the historic franchise will have to wait and see if Saturday takes up the strong leadership role the Colts need and hope that he does not become the reason the team has a top position in next year’s draft.