Importance of Art Education


Donovan Go, Reporter

Fine arts education is a crucial factor in the education of the youth. If applied correctly, it can reinforce concepts that will vastly apply to every other subject. Yet if approached in a wrongful manner can greatly lower the appeal to a young student.

Art education consists of performing and visual arts, which encompass theater, music, dance, journalism, literature, poetry, film, photography, and of course, sculpture, drawing, or painting. For young students, it is necessary that they are exposed and have access to at least one of these subjects. The biggest component to this is the need to allow expression.

Giving a creative outlet to students is important, especially for younger students in elementary and middle schools. Although many students may not pursue artistic endeavors in their spare time, allowing them to express and show their creativity will enrich their experience in school which can then aid in  reducing stress, gaining focus, and improving their social skills. 

A huge component to a student’s benefit and interest in art comes from the teacher’s approach. When art classes become confined environments where students feel as if they cannot express themselves is when the interest and creativity begins to fade. In a class where work is expected to meet a certain requirement and is pushed with negative criticism, art begins to feel limited to student’s and their eagerness to be creative can be subdued by fear of criticism or failure. While it is important to push a student to do their best work, if they feel controlled or as though their work “isn’t good enough” they will lose the desire to express themselves in their work. 

A positive class environment is one where a student is free to express themselves within their art with positive reinforcement to get the best out of that student. Positive reinforcement makes a student more comfortable in the work they are creating, rather than punishment for not meeting requirements or falling behind other classmates. This application will reduce the workload and allow a space where students can create without the weight of getting assignments done and will make the classroom feel less like a job with standards that the student is expected to meet.

It is extremely important in the development of a student’s creativity and motivation that art education is handled well. This motivation bleeds into all other aspects of a student’s school and home life. It is most important to build up the idea that a student should not fear criticism. With these ideas a student will flourish in creative expression and confidence.