A Final Reflection


Nika Anderson, Graduating Editor-in-Chief

My most defining experience at JAHS has been writing for The Tower and I feel very honored to be in this position. I am most grateful to Mr. Nowicki, who has been an influential figure in my life and for his impact on my future career choices. He helped me understand my abilities and limits in regards to journalism. I enjoyed the originality that came with writing for the paper because when there is no news, I have to create the news myself.

 I enjoyed obtaining my own interviews and researching obscure topics that are not covered well in the mainstream media. It is the angle of the story that matters and a unique perspective can change the way someone perceives a topic.The work here yields tangible results and there is no better feeling when the rounds of stories get posted on the website.

I am proud of this year’s reporters for coming together and presenting interesting news for our world to see. They were an amazing team to work with and we accomplished a lot with so few people. We endured through the pandemic and proved to be a cohesive group that is capable of braving difficulties. I am also proud of them for starting an instagram page for The Tower and I hope they can interest more people to join this class.

Overall, I am very thankful for this school and all of the teachers and staff that have supported me on my missions. These compassionate people have worked with me to share interesting voices and views to the world. The community beyond the school is supportive and many are willing to give opinions and interviews to people. Reporting on events or talking to officials in South Bend has always been exciting for me.

I advise future reporters or editors to draw from personal experiences and incorporate them into their journalistic experience. This class is looking for inquisitive people who want to bring interesting stories into the public’s eye.


The Tower would like recognize Nika Anderson for her strong work ethic, eloquent writing, and commitment to the truth as an Editor-in-Chief. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


The Tower would also like to recognize Julia Maina officially as the Editor-in-Chief for 2023.