My Prom Dress Journey


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Finding the perfect prom dress can always be difficult. Finding one last minute is even harder. I was not planning to go to prom. It did not capture my attention and I did not know how to act at formal events. Then, all of my friends decided that they were going to prom. This meant I was going to get roped into going. I was then asked to go to prom about three weeks before; I had to find a dress in that short span of time. I had no idea what I wanted. Finding a dress in three weeks was going to be a hard job. However, I will always find a way to accomplish what I want and that is exactly what I did.

Last weekend, my friend Lizzie and I went  prom dress shopping at the local mall. I was not enthusiastic about what I would find. Prom season had started a long time ago, so I did not believe I would find anything particularly charming. The goal of this trip was to figure out what style of dress I wanted to wear. My parents were out of town, so I could not buy one if I wanted to. First, Lizzie and I went to Macy’s. Macy’s still had an abundant selection of dresses left, so I was hopeful. I noticed a couple of dresses I really liked, but they were not my size. I lost a little hope, but then I found this blue floral and white dress that was my size. Lizzie and I rushed to the fitting room and tried it on. It was beautiful and I loved the style of the dress, but I needed to browse through some more.

Windsor was the next store on our search for a prom dress. Windsor was a new shop in the mall, so I was excited to see what they had. Windsor had a wide selection of dresses still available. They are all organized by color so it would be convenient to find a dress in a specific color. I found a few dresses that I really liked in different styles than the first one. They still had a wide range of sizes left as well. I went into the line of the fitting room to try on all of the dresses. 

My favorite dress was the blue dress from Macy’s; I really liked the sleeveless look and the waist being cinched in. I also liked the last dress as well, although it was not as elegant.  Overall, I really loved the dresses at Windsor. I highly recommend going here for a last minute dress and their inexpensive selection is wonderful.

The goal for this trip was accomplished. I decided that the style of my dress would be like the one from Macy’s. Although it was comfortable, this dress was too small and the bottom was so white that it reminded me of a wedding dress. I was really surprised that stores in the mall still stocked prom dresses at affordable prices even after the season ended. I know that I can also order one online. 

I still do not have my dress. I am going to Chicago this weekend to look at more dresses. At least I am one step closer to finding the perfect dress