Carla Hernandez

Senior Spotlight


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Carla Hernandez is an extraordinary senior student-athlete at John Adams High School. Carla has been the captain of the Adams girls’ soccer team and has participated in two other sports – track along with field.  She also has been involved in Spanish Club and Spanish Honors Society in school. Carla volunteers for Unity Gardens, which she is employed at, as well as a cat refuge. One of Carla’s biggest achievements is being on varsity for the girls’ soccer team all four years.

Growing up, soccer was all Carla knew. She watched how all of her brothers played this sport. This is why she thinks her parents signed her up so she could play soccer like them. Carla has been doing soccer since she was in the third grade and her position is striker. Since the second she hit that field, she fell in love with the sport. Even though she had her fears, she found the courage to keep playing. Soccer is more than just a sport to her; it is a bond that helps her connect with her family and teammates. The biggest achievement in soccer Carla received was being named top team player. This award meant a lot to her because she says, “it’s an award given out for more than what you can do on the field. It’s about who you are off the field and the impact you leave on the team.”

Carla is great on and off the field; she shows this every day at Adams with her academics. Carla is planning on getting her academic honors diploma this year. Carla has applied to her top schools Purdue and IU Bloomington. Carla has not gotten a response yet, but she is anticipating her future. The college she most wants to attend is Purdue; she plans to try out for their soccer club teams. In college, Carla plans to major in nutrition/dietetics. With this major, she could either work in a hospital or clinic as a registered nurse or work with professional teams. 

People would describe Carla as motivational, kind, and always willing to help. Her advice to the incoming freshman is “make new friends and try something new. Trying ballet was one of the most humbling experiences but it’s something I’ll never forget. These small memories are what could make your high school experience better.” Carla will be missed not only for her achievements at Adams, but also her achievements in South Bend. She has left her mark and the future is bright for her. John Adams cannot wait to see what she becomes!