Euphoria Character Analysis


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Most adults would say Euphoria is not a good depiction of a normal high school life. Which may be sure for some but for others Euphoria depicts their high school experience exactly. People might not be able to relate to all the characters but at least one. Even if people don’t relate to one, they could relate to some attributes of the characters. This is why Euphoria sticks with teens in such an impressive way. Here is the breakdown of some of the main characters in Euphoria:


Rue is trying to recover from drug addiction.  Rue has many troubles in her recovery as relapses and reels her sobriety on other people. She puts her family and friends through a lot of pain with her drug addiction but doesn’t realize. She tries to get better but she can’t. People can relate to Rue because some teens are struggling with drug addiction. It is a hard place to be in and some may not realize how deep they are until it is too late like Rue. Rue is a character that can help people see the bad in drug addiction and maybe can help people discover they may need help. If you are struggling with addiction, please visit the website


Maddy is portrayed as a confident and outspoken person. She says what is on her mind but as the other characters she has her problems. She is dating Nate Jacobs, who is a controlling and abusive boyfriend. Maddy doesn’t realize how she is being controlled because she thinks this is what love is. She thinks love is fighting. Maddy did not grow up with parents that showed the most love in the household so this might be a reason why she thinks she is in love with Nate. She is a character that is loved but has her flaws. She is relatable because some teens have been in abusive relationships and have been controlled by their partners. They don’t realize it until too late. Maddy can help teens by maybe comparing their situations to hers and maybe finding clarity and finding out you can get out of this toxic relationship. If you are struggling with domestic violence, please visit the website Domestic Violence Support | The National Domestic Violence Hotline (


Cassie is a very different person when you look behind the scenes. In front of people, she is this bubbly, sweet, and confident girl but on the inside, she is very insecure. Cassie loves to be loved. Loves the validation of the male gaze, she thrives on it in a sense. This is because of her father who passed away when she was just a child. Cassie understands the feeling of always being used and not understanding if someone really wants to be with her. Even though she understands this she still tries to find love. Cassie gets heavily slut shamed for her past. She is trying to love herself and become a better person so she can find what she knows she deserves. Cassie is a related character because teens understand the feeling of wanting validation. No matter if it is from a male or a girl or academics everyone wants validation. Some can also relate because they love to feel loved and secure. They want to fill the absence of maybe someone they lost or maybe just trauma. I feel Cassie is the most relating to everyone in some sense.


Nate as mentioned before is a controlling and abusive boyfriend, but something made him this way. Nate is the way he is because of his father. When Nate was a child, he found discs of his dad having relations with men. This traumatized Nate into who he is today. Nate is very insecure of his sexuality and hides it because that is what his father does. He hasn’t come to terms with who he is even when Maddy confronted him about it. He denies being gay because he feels it isn’t right. Teens can relate to Nate because of his childhood trauma and not being able to come to terms with their sexuality. Parents really do affect how people’s lives turn out sometimes and how they will grow up. If they will grow up hating themselves or loving themselves. Coming to terms with sexuality is something hard to come to terms with for some. Nate helps show his point of view on the hardships of trying to come to terms with who he is. If you are struggling with, your sexuality visit the website The Sexuality Hotline | The A Project


Kat starts off not knowing her worth or she is. She had body image issues because she was a plus size female. She felt men would never look at her the way they looked at her friends. She one day starts an inappropriate life with a male counterpart. This relationship gave Kat the confidence she never had. She realized no matter what she looked like it was her confidence and how she portrayed herself that mattered. She has grown as a person over the first and some of the second season and the change is very noticeable. Kat is relatable because she had grown to love herself and who she was no matter what she looked like. Teens see that someone like them is on their tv screen telling them it is ok to look like her and be whoever they want to be. If you are struggling with body image issues visit the website Professional Help And Support – Body Image Movement


In Euphoria people just see Lexi as Cassie’s younger sister. No one pays attention or even notices her even at home. She has always been in Cassie’s shadow no matter what she did. Lexi is afraid to speak up and tell how she really feels about situations. She feels she isn’t a part of her family. Lexi is relatable because she is always in the shadows. Teens can relate to this because some feel like they are a background character in their own lives. They feel the same as Lexi in their families, at school, or with friends.


Fez is a high school dropout turned drug dealer. This might sound bad but there are reasons he does what he does. His grandma is sick. She ran their drug empire before this happened. Once she got sick Fez had to take over the business to take care of him, his grandma, and little brother. Even though Fez is a drug dealer he cares so deeply for Rue and even stopped selling to her. Fez has a lot of pressure on him because he needs to take care of his family. Fez is relatable because of the pressure he faces because of the situation he is in. Some teens have jobs to help pay for their families bills and make sure that their siblings have food on the table. Teens that go through this can see Fez’s pressure and understand where he is coming from.

Jules (Mention of self-harm)

Jules is a transgender female that is new at Euphoria High. Jules is confident and loves who she is. As a child she struggled with being trans. When she was a child, she would self-harm and get sent away to a psychiatric unit. She was let go when she fully recovered from self-harming. This all made Jules who she is today In Euphoria, a confident woman. Jules is relatable because she shows when something bad happens people can still push through it. She makes it known there is life at the end of the tunnel even though it may not seem like it. Teens can see themselves in Jules if they’ve had a hard time recovering from self-harm and can look at her as inspiration. If you’re ever thinking about hurting yourself, go to the website If you are struggling with yourself identity visit the website .