Political Statements on the Red Carpet


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Red Carpet looks are monumental for any celebrity. When celebrities choose to add their own take on anything political it can either add on something great for their reputation or make it worse. For a celebrity to be that bold and use their platform to speak on important issues even if they are scared to talk about it is important. When celebrities use their platform to inform teens and get them interested in these topics, it is helpful to young people forming their opinions. Here are some of the strongest political statements on the red carpets through the years.

  1. AOC at the 2021 Met gala- TAX THE RICH

At AOC’s first Met Gala she stirred the pot with her dress. The theme for the Met Gala this year was American independence. She used this theme to make a statement about taxing the rich. She knew she was going to be around all of these high profile people and still stated what she believes is right. The dress really means something to AOC because since she started representing New York she has been trying to raise taxes for the rich. 

AOC wore a floor length gown with ruffles on the bottom with bold red letters reading TAX THE RICH made by Brother Vellies, A Brooklyn-based designer brand. The designer decided to make this dress in hopes of “a more sustainable, inclusive, and empowered future”.


    2.Women at the 2018 Golden Globes –  Wearing All Black

In 2018 the women wore all black to the Golden Globes to support the Time’s Up and the #MeToo movement. This pays homage to all the people who have gone through sexual assault in the acting community and in the world. They all ditched the extravagant dresses to give this statement to the world and show they don’t support the men that have ruined people’s lives. “What we’re doing is supporting work that’s already been done by so many people for such a long period, but tonight is special for the Time’s Up movement, which is supporting equality not just for women but also for men and all non-binary people across every industry. And the reason we’re wearing black is to show solidarity with everyone,” Katie Langford on why she was wearing all black.

     3.  Joy Villa at the Grammys 2020- Trump Dress

In 2020 Joy Villa came out with a big bang in the 2020 Grammy’s. Joy has often expressed her political opinions on red carpets. She is jt now finally being recognized for this. Going into the Grammys she knew people wouldn’t agree with her but she stuck to her opinion. In her words this dress was a “campaign dress in a couture way”.

Joy Villa wore a Trump 2020 gown and american flag cape designed by Desi Allinger. Desi Allinger does not like to share his opinion on what he designs for her. She hasn’t stated whether she agrees or digress with what she believes in. She just says she separates her clients’ views from hers.

4.Lizzo at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards- VOTE dress

In 2020 Lizzo spotted a dress with the words VOTE all over. Her statement was to vote. It’s important to get teens that can vote and adults. Lizzo is a very influential person and her doing this maybe did get some people to vote in the election. Lizzo wore this dress to show that everyone has a voice no matter how people use it. In her acceptance speech she stated “There’s power in who you are [and] there’s power in your voice,so whether it’s through music, protest, or your right to vote, use your power, use your voice, and refuse to be suppressed.” 

Lizzo wore a black mini dress with an open shoulder saying the words VOTE designed by Christian Siriano made custom for Lizzo.

  1. . Janelle Monae supporting at the 2018 BET Awards- LGBTQ+ support

Janelle Monae came out a moth before the 2018 BET awards as pansexual. She wore this dress to show her support for the LGBTQ+ community and because it was pride month. This dress was also a representation of her sexualliy. It shows she isn’t hiding her sexuallity and wants the world to know.

Janelle Monae wore a green bodice with a full rainbow skirt designed by Nicolas Jebran. She also paired it with a top hat, Tiffany & Co jewels, and a rainbow crystal bedecked clutch.