2021 Student Government Results


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

2020 was a year of hard triumphs and tribulations. Due to Covid-19, students lost many aspects of a “normal” year; this year is going to be a change because the student government is back in full force. The student government gives the students a voice. John Adams has their voice back and they have some great plans for this upcoming year. 

Student Body Officers: Co-Presidents Rebeka Henderson & Leslie Martinez, Vice President Nephtali Peñate, Secretary Eva Amstutz

Rebeka Henderson participates in full IB and is part of Spanish Club/Spanish Honor Society, Model UN, Quiz Bowl, and ISO.  As student body co-president she hopes to lead and advise the class government. She wants to make homecoming the best and do  volunteer work like a canned food drive. She ran for this position because last year she loved the connection she felt with the community, even if it was an irregular year.

Leslie Martinez hopes to encourage more students to participate in events and encourage them to volunteer in our community.She ran for this position was because last year she had the honor to be the student government president. Leslie wanted to continue to be a leader and be the voice to my fellow classmates’ on their concerns and ideas. She wants everyone to have a great experience at John Adams High school. Leslie is heavily involved in extracurricular activities at Adams. She is the President of the International Student Organization. She is also on a board representative for the National Honor Society and John Adams Volunteering Association (JAVA). Leslie is Co-Vice President for Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica/Spanish Club (SHH). She is in National Technical Honor Society and Health Occupations students of America (HOSA). Currently, she is a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and working towards her Medical Assistant Certification.

Eva Amstutuz plans to create positive change in John Adams High School. She also plans to create enjoyable events that students will remember years from now. Eva ran for this position because she wanted to listen to her peers and include what they want in the decisions that are made within the school. She is in several extracurricular activities including HOSA (Future Health Professionals), SHH (Spanish Honors Society, JAVA (John Adams Volunteer Association, NTHS (National Technical Honors Society), NHS (National Honors Society), BPA (Business Professionals of America), FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), SAIBD (Students Advocates for International Baccalaureate Diversity), Spanish Club, and Golf. She is also currently in IB Environmental Systems and Societies.

Senior Class Officers: President Kylie Freymuth, Vice President Neya Morales, Treasurer Christopher Buck, Secretary: Si’Diamond Bolden

Kylie Freymuth is a JAVA board member, in the National Honor Society,  and Spanish club. Kylie chose this position to get out of her comfort zone. After reading the description of the job she knew she could help lead her classmates. She wants to be a leader to the senior class and the underclassmen. This year she plans to make up for lost events and make this school year as memorable as possible.  

Nephtali Penante chose to run for this position because he really wanted to help the student body and  hear what they had to say. He plans to listen to the students on what they would like to see this year and  to make this year a good year for them. 

Neya Morales participates in JAVA board, NHS, and leadership SBM. She chose this position because she wanted to be a model to underclassmen and help the lead in the upcoming years. She plans to ensure there is a prom and to make homecoming week spectacular.

Marielle is the senior dance captain for the show choir, an officer of SAIBD, a member of NHS and SHH. Marielle chose this position because she loves being in a leadership position and organizing school events. Marielle wants to be a good role model for the underclassmen and represent our school and community in a positive light. She plans on helping manage the budget for homecoming and other school related events.

Junior Class Officers: President Lizzie Graff, Vice President Julia Maina, Secretary Frenando Sanchez, Treasurer Emily Brechenser, Advisory Board Taylor Schmidt & Ali Turner.

Lizzie Graff  participates in 8 clubs including Model UN and Spanish club. She also is a full IB student. Lizzie chose this position because she is excited to lead and live and live by the phrase “go big or go home.”Lizzie is most excited to plan Morp and make it the best it can be. 

Julia Mania plans on helping make junior year the best it can be. She chose the role of vice president because she believes that all Adams students have concerns and changes they want to make and she wants to be a part of helping that change. 

Fernando is a part of Model UN, Eagles Going Green, SAIBD, Pride, and a contributor to The Tower. He also swims for the school as well as in a year-round competitive swim club. Fernando chose to run for secretary because he believes that representation and diversity in the student government matters. He is happy to see the government so diverse this year with 5 out of 6 members of the class government and advisory board being women. Fernando plans on making this year as great as it can be for the 2023 class.

Emily Brechenser  participates in lacrosse, drama club, and does full IB. She plans to listen to the students and promote a positive school environment. Emily chose this position because she really enjoys Adams and wants to be a part of the community.

Sophomore Class Officers: President Meredith Anella, Vice President Atticus Hunter, Secretary Olivia Purcell, Treasurer Skylar Clark, Advisory Board Felipe Jauregi & Marianna Anderson

Meredith Anella is on the volleyball, girls’ basketball, and girls’ tennis teams and the Unified Track team. She chose to run for this position because she feels she is  a solid leader. Anella also wants to be a part of the change and decisions that will affect everyone’s experience here at Adams. She plans on representing her class as a whole by willingly sharing and listening to all the ideas presented to her. She is also going to put her best foot forward to get things done.

Olivia Purcell is the secretary of the Sophomore class. She is involved in Eagles Going Green, Cross Country, Spanish Club, and Model UN. Olivia plans on helping her class form a community and help make dances and tradition unforgettable. She chose this position because she is well organized. Purcell hopes that her and her fellow officers will represent the sophomore class in a great way.

Freshman Class Officers: President Henson Le, Vice President Claire Brenner, Secretary Javonna Mwalija, Treasurer Olivia Rosato, Sergeant-At-Arms Grace Hetler

Henson Le is a part of the Pride club and JAVA. In this position he is passionate about achieving equality and reducing discrimination in the Adams community. He is determined to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable with expressing themselves at Adams. Henson decided to run for this position because he wants to be adventurous this year and the support of his friends and family really helped him make the decision to run for the role of president. He has a lot of excellent plans for the future and is going to try to make this year the finest year yet.

Claire Brenner  participates on the freshman volleyball team. She chose this position because she loves to help people. Claire plans to make the Adams environment as good as possible.