The Impact of George Floyd


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

One of the biggest trials of the 21st century was the George Floyd case. Justice was unexpected but was given as it should have been. This was not only a win for the black community, but for everyone that marched and took 8 minutes of silence for George Floyd. 

This trial meant a lot to me as an African-American woman. If I want to be completely honest, I did not expect justice to be served. I know I should have expected the best, but I didn’t. The justice system has definitely not been kind in these cases. I was ecstatic when I found out Chauvin was guilty of murder on all three charges. This trial meant justice was served for one of the many black people killed by police. The justice system is still not better and we still need to fight for change to happen.

For the Black community, this trial provided hope. It made us feel heard like all of the marching and fighting paid off. Everything we fought for led up to the guilty verdict and that is the proudest moment we have had. This will be a moment that this generation will tell their kids. The first form of justice served for a long time. This is a push forward instead of backward. This push forward is something that I hope keeps happening because change needs to keep happening.

What this trial did for the world as a whole is extraordinary. It showed that change is happening in America. The trial impacted people around the world just as much as people in the United States. People marched around the world for George Floyd and change happened because of them also. People celebrated around the world for his trial. George Floyd can now peacefully rest in peace because justice was served. He will go down in history.

This trial will forever impact the world and everyone’s life. It will be remembered for justice being served for the first time in a long time. This trial will be told for generations to come. Everyone will remember where they were during the guilty verdict and people will say his name knowing justice was served.