What Goes Around Comes Around


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

From mom jeans to couture sweatsuits, whatever was a trend then, is fashionable again now. Teen fashion stems directly from the ‘90s and early ‘2000s. Last year it was the scrunchies. This year it is baggy clothes, puffer coats, pleated skirts, and leather. Teens like to deny they won’t wear what their parents have, but they do, just in a different way.

Baggy clothes are a way many teens feel most comfortable. You can wear the baggy pants with a loose shirt or sweatshirt with Air Forces, Converse, or Doc Martens. Baggy outfits were a big thing in the ‘90s. The bigger the better. Skaters and hip-hop artists made baggy jeans a big trend in the ‘90s. Mom jeans are a big thing for me and I know it is for a lot of teens. Skinny jeans are out and mom jeans are in. 

North Face puffer jackets and puffer jackets in general is a big stable in teen fashion right now. Having a puffer coat is the epitome of being a teen fashion icon. Puffer coats came from the era of the early ‘2000s. I do not own a puffer coat, but I think having one would up your style to a new level. You can style it with baggy jeans and a crop top or for a different style try for baggy jeans and a long shirt. 

Pleated skirts are coming back in a big way with tennis skirts. These skirts come from the ‘90s era. Teens are finding such great and different ways to style tennis skirts. You can style them with sweatshirts, crop tops, and sweater vests. I like to style them with sweater vests the most. Tennis skirts aren’t the only pleated skirts coming back. Plaid pleated skirts are coming back too. You style them the same way as tennis skirts.

Leather is a big staple in teen fashion today. Leather was popular during the ‘90s and early ‘2000s. Leather jackets are what made you an icon in teen fashion. Having a leather jacket back then meant you were the fashion icon of your time. You can dress up these jackets or dress them down. You can wear it with nice pants and a basic shirt underneath. Maybe even jeans and a sweater vest underneath. I would suggest getting black to start with or a red one.

Trends can either stay or leave. Some of these trends left andthen came back. Trying a new style is always great. I think starting with these couple of trends might change your style completely. Your mom might say she wore them just a fair warning but try them out and see how you like them for yourself.