Lynn King

Senior Spotlight


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Lynn King is a great student-athlete at adams. Lynn participates in the Brothers group, travel team, and is also on the undefeated basketball team at adams. His most outstanding accomplishment is maintaining Academic Honors while still doing what he loves.

Lynn started basketball at the age of four years old. What inspired him to join basketball was his competitive spirit and his cousins. He’s been keeping his love for basketball for fourteen years. Maintaining his love for the sport is not difficult because he has goals. His goal is to reach the “highest level of basketball I can and reach my maximum skill level.” He doesn’t just do high school basketball he also works hard for travel basketball. He spends his whole life on the court even when basketball is over. He get’s up every morning before school and worksout 2-3 times a day. He also works on his shots after practice. 

In the Brothers group, Lynn learns about leadership, contributing to the community, and college. He enjoys the family-like atmosphere of Brothers. Brothers represent themselves as leaders of the school and that’s what made Lynn want to be in the club. 

Everyday, Lynn strives to be a great leader in our school and the community. His hard work has paid off and he has been  accepted to Ball State, Kent State, Chicago State, and Northern Alabama. In college, Lynn wants to study contract law or management. He hopes to be a sports agent or analyst. He has not yet picked a college yet because of basketball but has scouts looking at him all around the U.S. Lynn is an honors student and hopes to get his academic honors diploma in the next coming months. 

Lynn works hard everyday on and off the court, striving to be the best person he can be. He works hard 24/7 on his basketball skills and also finds time to be great in school. Being the best even better is what keeps Lynn pushing. Lynn is always there to pick up his teammates whenever they need him. He’s such a great guy and is always willing to help others. Seeing Lynn leave John Adams is a hard goodbye. His footprint is all around school from his great atmosphere to his 4 years on the basketball team and his great leadership. Lynn will always be remembered and Adams will always be there to cheer him on on or off the court.