Documentaries I’ve Been Loving

Isabella Ernsberger, Reporter

During my time at home, I’ve been finding new ways to pass the time; practicing guitar, spending time with family, working, and discovering a newfound love of mine: documentaries. I’ve watched a fair selection of documentaries over the past few months but I definitely have my favorites. Here are my top three that I’d recommend to anyone. 


  • Diana: In Her Own Words


A look into the Royal House of Windsor circa 1977-1997. This documentary tells the story of Princess Diana’s life as a royal, narrated by Diana, herself. She details life under a magnifying glass, depression, eating disorders, abusive relationships, and infidelity. I found so many things about her story shocking, and the fact that the public knew nothing about certain things as they happened is super interesting to me, and I think others will enjoy it as well. 


  • The Social Dilemma

A MUST WATCH. I’ve watched this documentary a couple times now, and have learned something new each time. This documentary details the dangers of social media and the effects it has on the human brain. Different tech professionals who have history working in the media industry speak on the dangers and algorithms of different social media platforms, and the way these apps target their users. It’s completely insane and is something that frequent users of social media should look into! 


  • Reversing Roe

This documentary is really insightful into the ways reversing Roe v. Wade (the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion) would harm, or benefit (depending on your beliefs), America’s women. It delves into the history of abortions, details both the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice arguments, and interviews Roe v. Wade’s supporters and opponents.


All of these documentaries are available on Netflix as of December 2nd, 2020. 


I encourage everyone to look into these documentaries and find others that appeal to them, as well. Documentaries, I’ve learned, are not only a great educational tool, but also an incredible way to feed curiosity.