Lorna Guthrie


Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Mrs. Guthrie, a math teacher at John Adams, has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. Teachers and students who know Mrs. Guthrie affectionately describe her as “fun and lovable.”’ Charlie Barron, a sophomore at Admas, would describe her as “someone that was always there to help and push you in the right direction.” Mrs. Guthrie has been a part of the Adams community for 15 years. Prior to teaching at Adams, Mrs. Guthrie taught at Immaculate Conception Highschool, the Covenant Christian Academy, and home schooled her children. She has devoted her time to teaching math to students for 36 years. Mrs. Guthrie enjoys teaching math because she wants to make it “fun” and “easy” for students. 

On August 29th, Mrs. Gutherie’s life changed. She visited the hospital to get her left side checked because her body felt numb. This is when she learned she had brain cancer. Mrs. Gutherie has been in treatment ever since and continues to battle cancer with the support of the community.

When the John Adams community learned of Mrs. Gutherie’s diagnosis, they were devastated. Mrs. Guthrie has been a great part of the Adams community for years and Adams wanted to help her during a time of need. Andrea Hochwald, a senior at Adams, and Mrs. Hernandez, the IB coordinator, started a fundraiser to help. This fundraiser was a virtual 5/10k run and shirt sale. To do the 5K, students donated $5 and the 10k raised $10 per participant. The short sleeve shirts cost $15 and the long sleeve cost $20. About 39 people participated or donated to this fundraiser. All together, the donations and fundraiser raised $1,205. Andrea and Mrs. Hernandez plan to keep taking donations and having a fundraiser like this for a new cause every year. If you still want to help Mrs. Guthrie, you can email her a sweet message at lguthrie@sbcsc.k12.in.us. You can also donate money through Mrs. Hernandez or Andrea Hochwald.