Will Neubauer

Senior Spotlight

Oriane Dancler, Reporter

Will Neubauer is a senior at John Adams High School. Will is on the Varsity Cross Country team as well as the track and field team. In track he runs 1600m, 32000m, 800m, 4x400m. He has been doing track and field since 5th grade. He also participates in Java, Quiz Bowl, and NHS. Will Has made many accomplishments at Adams. His most notable is being a back to back city champion and being a 3x MVP for cross country.

Will started Cross Country in 6th grade at Lasalle Academy. He found his love for the sport when he ran 8 miles with his family in Wisconsin. Will has been doing cross country ever since. He has accomplished a lot in his time in the sport. 

Will is a driven student-athlete that gets up everyday at the crack of dawn to do what he loves. He is very accomplished and works hard in everything he does. Will balances cross country, track and field, winter running, and doing full IB. Will would say his biggest academic accomplishment is “balancing full IB and extracurriculars in a healthy way.” Will has qualified for state this year which is his biggest accomplishment in his eyes. He also ran at semi-state this year. This the first time the Varsity boys qualified as a team at Adams since 2003. Right now, Will has multiple full ride scholarships and partial rides as well. Will hopes to attend the University of Colorado Boulder but has applied to many other schools. Majoring in exercise medicine/ sports medicine is his dream. He also hopes to run Cross Country in his time in college. Will is excited to graduate this year, he is ready to begin the next chapter of his life and continue his passion for running at the collegiate level.

Will would describe himself as a “goofy and loving person”. No matter how distracted Will gets he always does what is right and does what needs to be done. Will is always focused and can always get whipped back into shape when needed. He will always help his team be the best they can be. He makes sure his team is 100% committed and is doing right by the sport. It is sad to see such a great student and athlete leave John Adams next semester. Will has a bright future ahead of him and John Adams will always be here to support him.