Finegan Elliott Goes INTO THE WOODS

Charlie Barron, Reporter

In the midst of a global pandemic, many people are having trouble with the simple task of finding something to do. John Adams sophomore, Finegan Elliott, clearly has not had this problem as he is keeping himself creatively occupied and paid additionally. Elliott has been working as an actor in a production of Into the Woods, put on by the Round Barn Theater in Nappanee, IN. 


Of course, Elliott did not just stumble onto this opportunity out of the blue. He claims that it is one of, if not his only hobby, and said, “There was a show I was in back in fourth or fifth grade, which was The Wizard of Oz, but I really started performing when I started at the South Bend Civic Theater. A good pal of mine was in a show. He roped me in and now I’m here.” Elliott has been cast in shows all around Indiana through programs such as the South Bend Civic Theater, the United Youth Theater, and some Clay High School productions. When asked if he had any specific or concrete goals for his future in this area, he mentioned how he aspires to “make it to the Met or Broadway.” 


Friends of Finegan Elliott know him as a very performative guy in his social life. He is presented with the opportunity to do something that many might be skeptical about the safety of, yet would still want to do. When asked about the audition process, Elliott mentioned how there wasn’t much of one, and seeing how he was already experienced at the Roundbarn Theater, he was asked to return for a role. Elliott describes the show he is in, Into the Woods, as, “a show starring story-book characters and their quests to get their wishes, and then the consequences of their wishes.” Elliott plays the role of Jack, based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This choice may seem strange to some, as it was to Elliott, because he is a large boy, which is opposite of what the character is normally portrayed as, but he made sure to state that there have been tall Jacks before him. When asked about the safety precautions that the production has taken, he stated that he of course feels safe, and would not be doing it otherwise. He is also comfortable with the audience, seeing as they are tested for their temperatures at the door, heavily encouraged to wear masks, and seating is distanced. Finegan Elliott also acknowledges that there is possible controversy in the fact that they are putting on such a production. Some groups have found the production to be completely unprofessional with the way that they have been open during the pandemic. The show finished its run on October 17th, but he is confident that everyone who watched had a great and safe time in Nappanee!