The Beginner’s Guide To A Healthier Mindset

Recently, I’ve made a couple small adjustments to my everyday routine. Since doing so, I’ve seen a positive change in my mood and mindset. I’ve found that doing these small things each day gives me a sense of accomplishment and productivity, without really doing much. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve found set a really happy tone for my day, and maybe it could for  yours too. 

Make Your Bed

For years I didn’t do this because my mom always told me to. It took me 17 years to realize that coming home to a made bed is one of the best, most satisfying feelings in the world. For me, I usually make my bed before I leave the door in the morning. It takes a extra couple minutes, yes, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment before the day even begins, and prepares your mind for being even more productive during the day.

Tidy Your Space Once A Day

Coming from a girl who’s room used to consistently look like a storm passed through, this one’s a real game changer. The state of your space affects your mood daily. It’s easier to be productive in a clean area than it is to be productive in a dirty area. For me, the daily things I do include picking up clothes off the floor, taking any cups or food down to the kitchen, and cleaning up my desk. It’s rewarding to have your space put together and clean all the and sets you up for success in all aspects. 

Clean Your Car 

That is if you drive, of course. I finally set aside some time this weekend to clean out my car and now I don’t have to worry about apologizing for the mess whenever I drive people around. When I say clean your car, I’m not saying go pay for a car wash every week, but keep the inside as organized and as clean as possible. It makes it more comfortable for you and any passengers you may have. 

Drink Water 

Hydration is key. Over the past few months or so, I’ve cut back my consumption of any sodas or artificially flavored drinks and focused more on drinking water and tea. I’ve found that having a good water bottle with you at all times is key in making sure you’re drinking enough water everyday. I’d recommend getting an insulated, reusable water bottle, so that your water stays at whatever temperature you prefer throughout the day, and also so you can take it with you anywhere.

Start Journaling

Find a method of journaling that works for you. I’ve started bullet journaling the past month, and it’s a creative outlet for me while also serving as a planner and organizer, as well. Bullet journaling takes a minute to get the hang of, but it’s calming and useful once you figure it out. It’s something I’d recommend to anyone.