Our Future Mayor

Our Future Mayor

In 2019 Pete Buttigieg resigned his position as mayor, and left South Bend behind to run for president. The two replacement candidates we are  left with are Democratic candidate James Mueller, and republican candidate Sean Haas. Both candidates want to be mayor but lack the needed experience to take the position. James Mueller worked under Pete Buttigieg, and made his campaign centered around continuing the work Buttigieg started. Mueller fails to specify what work that pertains to, and how he  plans to accomplish his goals. While Sean Haas does have detailed plans, he lacks political experience entirely. Being a former teacher and veteran as well, makes Haas well rounded, but not necessarily mayor material. 

Before Haas was running for mayor his work as a teacher and as a veteran provided him life skills but no real qualifications for mayor. If elected Haas has to figure out matters as he goes would only set South Bend backwards, and stop us from making real progress. Haas wants to provide a plan to help the relationship of our police department and our citizens, but he believes the brokenness of that relationship has nothing to do with racist behavior. Haas said In a debate ”I don’t believe in systematic racism.” He believes in only comes from some police officers committing the crimes, and not from racism within our communities. His inability to recognize the effect racism has on our public police department, convinces convinces several citizens to believe, if elected he will not truly focus on creating a more fair and unbiased city. Now it is up to the citizens of south bend to decide if they want a candidate with no ideas of his own or one who doesn’t believe we possess a racist society. 

James Mueller worked alongside Pete Buttigieg in his election which provided him with his current campaign motto: “I’ve stepped up to run for mayor to continue the movement that Pete Buttigieg started. Mueller has yet to mention what ideas or plans he worked with Buttigieg on, and has not used specific examples of how he will benefit South Bend. Mueller has not had is own ideas, and has not expressed what factors and he wants to continue of Buttigieg’s campaign.  

 Even with an inexperienced past Sean Haas has created specific plans with his own ideas  and focuses on public safety and education within South Bend. He wants wants to enact what he calls the ”Building of Relationships”, which Includes various social events with police officers and the  people of South Bend. Such a volunteering BBQ’s and fun community activities Haas also wants to put the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program back in place within schools. He wants to reduce the drug use within our schools and protect the students and facility in them. 

While Mueller has done nothing to disprove that he is to be a mock version of Buttigieg, Mueller has disclosed some of ideas. Mueller wants to focus on a plan to rehabilitate officers’ relationships with African Americans and people of minority communities and lowering barriers of opportunity so South Bend can share in the growth. Although Mueller campaign consists of good ideas, he lacks the answer to the question of how he plans to accomplish these goals. In an interview with 88.1 WVPE, Mueller was simply asked how he plans to revitalize the city’s poor and minority communities. He responded by saying that property tax investments will eventually go back back to the communities in need. This leads me to believe that Mueller’s only definite plan is to sit back and allow helping our communities to be an action that will ”happen if it happens”. Mueller neglects to share his own ideas on the issue he has claimed to be important to him.

With a candidate with no ideas of his own, or one who doesn’t believe we contain a racist society. Both candidates lack the experience which will inevitably cause South Bend setbacks. It is up to the citizens of the community to do the best with what we have, and decide who will provide the city with the best future.