Little But Fierce Crowd At WNDU Pep Rally


Anna Fuller

Adams students during the August 25th Pep Rally

Ellie Graff, News Editor

On August 24th, John Adams High School held its first pep rally of the 2018-19 football season. Broadcasted by local news station WNDU, the event attracted students from various fall sports and academic programs, eager for a chance to represent the school’s many clubs on live television. Enthusiastic members of the JA student body trekked to the A gym as early as 5:30 am, full of caffeine and school spirit. The marching band played the John Adams fight song, and students sang along in the stands, cheering and dancing with their friends, an undeniably ¨peppy¨ energy pulsing off the walls and through the crowd. Reporters from WNDU news interviewed football players about the upcoming game and season, but participants in extracurriculars, like Mock Trial, got their time to shine as well. A beaming principal, Jim Seitz, was also present, predicting a win for the eagles against Lowell. Kaitlyn Henderson, a junior at Adams, stated, “I’m really glad we got picked. It was really fun sitting with my friends and cheering my school on!” She wasn’t surprised that Adams won the vote to host the pep rally that Friday morning, “especially since our student section goes the hardest in the area.” When asked what she liked most about the pep rally experience she explained, “I liked that they interviewed all different types of clubs  because that’s what makes Adams so special.” As to be expected, a pep rally at the break of dawn is not for the faint of heart. Kaitlyn expected there to be a much bigger crowd, and felt as if the early start time was detrimental to attendance. “If they would have just filmed it after school, and then used that footage the next morning, I think there would have been a lot more people there.” That being said, those committed enough to come out and support that early in the morning truly showcased the pride and love Adams students have for their school. The pep rally was ultimately successful, with a 33-6 win for the Eagles that same night, and according to Kaitlyn, “The donuts weren’t bad either.”