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Lydia Brady

Lydia Brady, Reporter

Lydia Brady is a junior at John Adams High School, and this is her first year writing for The Tower. She is planning on writing about topics such as current news, entertainment, and opinion pieces, hoping to improve and expand on her writing skills. Lydia is reserved but hardworking, and always tries to do her best. She likes to spend her free time babysitting, reading, and watching movies. She likes to think she knows about movies, but she has only seen 39 movies this year, including Mamma Mia! twice. Lydia can sometimes have a hard time forming her own opinions, so she hopes to become more like her mother, who always had a strong and unrelenting opinion about everything. To her, family usually comes first, despite the fact that she is almost constantly annoyed by her brother. Kirill, her legal guardian, says, “Lydia is diligent, dedicated, and kind-hearted, although perpetually anxious.” Some of her biggest accomplishments are managing her severe anxiety and making it through grade school despite her mother being chronically ill. Even though these accomplishments may seem insignificant to others, to Lydia, these seemed insurmountable in the moment. She thinks that throughout her life, she has changed more and more each year, becoming a stronger and more responsible person. She does not necessarily always like herself, but she knows that she has a proud and supporting family that is always there for her. Although life can be tough, whether it be school, illnesses, or just anxiety in general, she will always try to push her way to the finish line. When Lydia is not stressing out about school, she is probably stressing out about something else. 

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Lydia Brady