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Fernando Nagy

Fernando Nagy, Reporter

Fernando Nagy, an exchange student from Germany, joined The Tower at John Adams High school as a senior in the class of 2024. This is his first year in an American high school. He moved to America because he has huge plans for the future. His goals are to understand and speak English clearly because he will need it his whole life and it will help him achieve his goals. In addition to that he loves to have new experiences  and live an exciting life. 

The most appealing part of  America for Fernando was the opportunity to go to an American high school. German and American schools are very different so it is  a completely new school life for him. So far Fernando has enjoyed it  and is happy to be here. 

One thing Fernando  would like to do while at Adams is play soccer because it is his favorite sport. He is sad that  he can only play for one season, but being able to play has  made the school life in America even more exciting. During his time in America he has to play three different sports and two of these will be sports he has never played before.

Fernando is  always available to talk if you need something, he promises he will listen and try his best to help everyone.Sometimes he may not understand or you will have to explain what you mean but he is always willing to listen!

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Fernando Nagy