Write. Tower. Forever. 


Nowicki, Former Adviser

It has always been a tradition for the outgoing Tower contributors to publish one final good bye piece. Welcome to the good bye I never thought that I would publish… weird. Here goes everything.

I have worked (in some fashion or form) for the SBCSC for over 12 years. I have not enjoyed any experience more than my time with The Tower. I have been a building sub, paraprofessional, coach (Baseball, Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball) and teacher. I have officially worked at Nuner Primary, Clay Intermediate, Washington High School & Adams High School (amongst various subbing jobs at pretty much everywhere else). My teaching career has covered the following: English 9 (Regular, Pre IB), English 10 (Regular, Honors), English 12 (Regular, Honors), Creative Writing, Yearbook (The Album), Newspaper (The Tower), IB Film SL and IB Film HL. So when I say The Tower has been the most enjoyable part of my career, I don’t say it lightly, bruh.

I have to thank Kaity Radde, first & foremost. Other official people allowed me to be the current guardian of The Tower: Mr. Seitz, Mr. Ebright & Ms. Raymer. I have the utmost appreciation & respect for all of them but Kaity was the reason. As the incoming EiC, she personally requested me after my predecessor left and she and I established a rapport when she worked in my room as a student mentor. A lot of coincidences had to work together for this to happen. Kaity is a brilliant, strong, undeniable force for truth. She was the very real Leslie Knope to my cheap imitation of Ron Swanson. I was lucky to have her as student and I am proud to still call her a friend.

I have to thank Claire Stowe, the only 2 time EiC under my tenure. An honor she completely earned and deserved. She also led us into the digital age by overseeing the original launch of this website. We received Best Of … recognition on 3 articles in 4 years, all of them were Claire’s. Claire is eloquent, kind, and ambitious. I have never met anyone that I respect more than her.

I have to thank Sierra Weaver, Hannah Connell & Nika Anderson for seeing The Tower through the 2 down years mired in Covid.

Finally, I have to thank my last choice for EiC, Julia Maina, who brought style, class and grace to The Tower and helped oversee the biggest 1 year growth during my run.

I would also like to recognize and thank the following people for their very specific and individual contributions to The Tower over the past 6 years. Seth Kirkpatrick, for creating The RadioTower, our first and only real podcast. Jonathon Zapf & Peter Nagy, for helping me create and produce The Tower’s only TV show (…with Jonathan Zapf). I would also like to thank Jon & Pete for being a part of the most fun I have ever had as a teacher. Sam Villagra-Stanton for being the greatest Film Critic that we ever had. Ryan Downey, for organizing, running, and performing in 3 of our Tower Rock fundraisers. Casey Carroll, for being the very real April to my imitation of Swanson, & Kaity’s Leslie Knope.  Anna Tarner for being The Tower’s resident hippie mom. I also have to recognize Anna for being literally the nicest person I have ever known and for also yelling at me for editing a story because she was so passionate about the original version. Hannah Mills for never wanting to join The Tower, but needing to fill a spot in her schedule & ending up being one of its most important contributors. Ellie Graff for bringing the fun & the funk to The Tower. She is a true blue, genuine hip chick and uniquely awesome person. Anna Schrader & Bella Ernsberger for being The Tower’s original creative leaders and 2 of our strongest contributors. Oriane Dancler for teaching us about why fashion matters (to other people, not me). Pike Temple for all the football geek conversations. And finally, all 76 (yes, I counted) student contributors during my run.

The Tower is steeped in tradition, an institution, a communication network that extends back to 1940. I just tried to honor that history while moving us into the future. I know that I was never the best or easiest person to work with but my only goal was to make The Tower a place where students could express themselves as passionately as possible. My apologies for any offenses.

If you’re a student reading this, join The Tower. We are the Nerd Legion. Plus, once you publish for The Tower, you join this extended family that dates back to 1940. More importantly, no matter who is in charge, The Tower always has been and always will be an integral voice for the JAHS community. It should remain self-funded, self-run and driven by students for students.

My only parting advice to The Tower readership is to think freely and speak truthfully.

Thank you so much for the support. I am so truly grateful for this experience… it was the best. And with that, I would like to pass the mic to my hand-picked, replacement, Ms. Katelyn Taylor.


Now my watch has ended? Lame.


And just like that, he was gone? Worse.


Write. Tower. Forever.


Nowicki out.