A Daring Danny and a Not-So-Frowning Frannie


Madison Brady, Reporter

Last week, Survivor left us with new roots, scoots, and toots. The tiny Tika tribe is at the bottom but manages to come out on top when their opposing tribes go head to head. It is evident that some players were feeling a little too comfortable in their position, which is never a good thing on Survivor. Also, now marked down in history is the showdown at the immunity challenge where Danny lets out a gassy surprise. 

To start off the hectic episode, Yam Yam is thankful to have barely survived another night at tribal council. All odds were against him considering Heidi used her advantage to make Lauren vote for Yam Yam in the previous episode. However, the ruling Ratu tribe decided that the best person to go was Matt. Although the four Ratu members felt good about their decision, the Soka tribe was sad to see Matt go, especially Frannie. Her best friend in the game, her person, the one she felt closest too, was taken away from her as she was left to go back to camp alone. Although her closest ally was voted out, this allowed her as well as other members of the Soka tribe to get together and try to work with the Tika three to try and take the Ratu tribe down. 

This new position of power for the Tika tribe ended up being the best thing for them, unlike the night Carson had after returning from tribal council. He woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well and then he started to throw up. His body was not happy with the situation it had been in for two weeks. This showed the whole tribe just how tough the game really was and the toll it can take on your body. Following the night at tribal council, the merged tribe received Tree Mail stating that they had to split into five pairs of two for the upcoming immunity challenge. The challenge was slightly different from previous ones because teams would systematically be eliminated after certain stages throughout the challenge. The first four tribes to make it past the first section were safe and eligible to continue the challenge. The first two to finish the second portion were the four players that would then be competing against one another to win the immunity necklace. 

Carson and Carolyn were first to be eliminated after Carolyn got a little too twisted in the first portion of the challenge. After the second portion, the two duos, Danny and Lauren, and Brandon and Kane, moved onto the final part of the challenge to compete against one another. The challenge ended with the former teammates, Danny and Lauren being the last two standing and trying to win immunity. One of the most memorable moments of the episode came just towards the end of the challenge. Danny called out Jeff’s name to get his attention, and once all eyes were on him, he let one rip and left the entire tribe and millions of viewers stunned. No one could be as brave as Danny to get everyone’s attention just to rip one in the silence. Although he put on his best performance, he fell short to Lauren who won the immunity necklace. 

No one would have thought that the episode could have been any better than it already had been, but due to the past few tribal councils, there was bound to be another intense ending. It was clearly known that the Ratu tribe was leading the game, and the Soka tribe could not outnumber their votes without the help of the Tika tribe. Because the Tika three were at the bottom, they seemed like they would be easy votes, however, Soka wanted to play smart and strike at the Ratu tribe while they were all feeling a little bit too comfortable. With both Tika and Soka working together, it made for an easy blind side that no one saw coming. Everyone thought that the vote was on Frannie, which would have been true if not for Danny coming in with the save. He used his hidden immunity idol to protect Frannie from any votes, ensuring her safety. Without the idol, she would have been the third member of the jury sitting right next to her best friend. However, things did not go according to plan for the Ratu tribe when the last few votes had Brandon’s name on them. A shocking way to end the episode leaving the Ratu tribe shocked. 

With an even three members left from each tribe, the game will soon get interesting. Who will be the next member of the jury? Which former tribes will work together to make a big move? Who will be the next person safe at tribal council and live on to see day seventeen? All of this exciting content can be seen on Wednesday next week at eight pm EST.