Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Wrexham AFC Win Promotion


JT Bellina, Reporter

On April 22, 2023, Wrexham AFC clinched the National League title and secured their promotion into the EFL League Two. Celebrities and club owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s now world-famous team have won the hearts of many, and their success has led them into the top four leagues in English football. While there is still a way to go before Wrexham is playing against the best teams in the United Kingdom, their first big success has given fans all over the world the hope they’ve been looking for. 

After Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s first season at Wrexham AFC, it was clear that returning Wrexham to the EFL League Two was no easy feat. However, in this year’s season, Wrexham have flown past the competition and won themselves promotion. While Wrexham remained in the National League for the past two seasons, games on ESPN, famous owners, and their popular tv show “Welcome to Wrexham” about the club’s revival gave the team more attention than some Premier League teams. 

While Wrexham stayed atop the National League table for the majority of the season, their rivals and opponents for the league title made the season a nail-biter for fans. Unlike the three leagues above it, the National League only guarantees promotion for the first-place team, therefore the title race held immense importance to both clubs. On April 10th Wrexham and Notts County squared off to decide the likely winner of the league, and in a most dramatic fashion, Reynolds and McElhenney’s club prevailed. With the help of their goalie on a last-second penalty save, Wrexham made themselves the favorites to win the league. Only two weeks later Wrexham would end up securing this position once and for all with their win against Boreham Wood. 

As much of the soccer world has watched in doubt as two celebrities have attempted to revamp a struggling club, a promotion in just two seasons has shown that Wrexham celebrity owners were serious when they said they would do everything they could to restore Wrexham to the top four flights of English football. While they certainly haven’t met their goal yet, their first success shows that what they’re trying to do is possible. With the help of Brexit striker Paul Mullin up top and the “Cycling GK” Ben Foster in the net, hopes for Wrexham’s success couldn’t be higher. With Wrexham’s new enthusiastic owners eager to see their club reach the top of English football, Wrexham is certain to remain in the hearts of soccer fans all over the world.