President Joe Biden Unveils His Newest Electric Vehicle Agenda


Jacob Gosz, Reporter

On April 12, 2023 President Joe Biden and his administration proposed an electric vehicle and pollution emission agenda that aims to cut 10 billion tons of CO2 or carbon dioxide emissions. This proposition would save the average consumer $12,000 over the lifetime of a vehicle. President Biden’s proposition has targeted that by 2024, 100 percent of all medium and heavy-duty vehicles sold will be electric. With this goal, the proposition aims to reach 30 percent of vehicles sold in 2030 to be electric.

The biggest question is, how can the electric car companies cut down on initial costs? The EPA estimates the new plan would increase the cost of cars by $844 and trucks by $1,385 in 2032. The Bipartisan infrastructure Law created a 40 percent increase in chargers around the country with a $25 billion dollar fund that also helped provide materials and clean school buses. 6 billion dollars was funded through the Inflation Reduction Act which created loans for manufacturers, created new production lines, and new clean heavy-duty vehicles. 

The ultimate goal for introducing electric vehicles is to cut down on carbon emissions, which accounted for 36.8 Gigatonnes of CO2 emissions in 2022. By 2055 the EPA projects the propositions would cut down nearly 10 billion tons of CO2 emissions. Pollution caused by vehicles can cause massive damage to the human body, and according to the Department Of Ecology At The State Of Washington nearly 70 percent of cancers caused by airborne pollution come from diesel exhaust. 

The electric vehicle wave is crossing the entire world, although not everyone agrees and welcomes it. In St. Joseph County, the new vehicle manufacturing company, Mullen Automotive will be building electric vehicles for the government on a federal contract. Many individuals who hold stake in oil and gas companies are fighting against the electric vehicle propositions and laws because they would run them out of business or cause them to switch their entire business structure. Big oil and gas company lobbyists have played an important role in preventing electric vehicles from entering the major vehicle market for years. The recent political attention towards electric vehicles not only will benefit the environment, but provide a large amount of new jobs and save the average American money.