Be the Founder of Your Own Destiny

Madalyn Berry, Reporter

Last year, CNBC reported that about sixty percent of teenagers want to start their own business in highschool, “60% of teens want to launch their own business instead of working regular jobs” states Carmen Reinicke. Often the amount of hobbies or interest a teenager has in highschool can be used to start a business, and if it excels, it will be useful in the future.
Most teenagers work in highschool to pay for gas, random wants, or to save up for college. However, what if highschool students started a side hustle while in school? There are many benefits in starting a business, such as becoming your own boss, having a sense of accomplishment, tendency to make more money and doing something you are passionate about. Now to determine what hobbies can be made into a business, here is an example: if you enjoy hanging out with your cousins or younger siblings, babysitting might be for you. Even adults in your neighborhood will need a break from their children once in a while. You can start a social media account and put up flyers around to get the word of mouth out that you have your own babysitting business! Once you find your passion there are seven rules that will help you get your feet of the ground; Don’t take no for an answer, learn from someone experienced, stay hungry and ambitious, evolve with the times, gain long term relationships, inspire those around you and trust your instincts (“starting up, start here”).
Nathalia Manzo who is a Junior from John Adams owns her own nail business. Nathalia always had a passion for nails and since she was a little girl she knew she wanted to be a part of the beauty industry. She realized she wanted to start her own business doing nails in lockdown.
“I finally realized I wanted to do nails during Covid,” Manzo said.
She would practice daily by watching youtube videos. Nathalia would make people aware of her business by posting her work on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Snapchat. By being an entrepreneur in highschool she expressed that she is more aware of her community.
“I know a lot of students from here and they know me because of the nails I do!” Menzo said. She plans to continue her nail business in the future by attending cosmetology school and learning more about the beauty industry.
“I’m in cosmetology school right now and I would love to start getting into a bit of everything,” Menzo said.
The advice Nathalia wants to give to future Entrepreneurs is, “Don’t ever compare yourself to other businesses, think about yourself and your business!”. Nathalia also expressed how entrepreneurs should always be organized and professional! Check out Nathalia’s creative and artistic work on instagram: @nailsbynathaliaa. With creative ideas and confidence you can become your own boss! Start your side hustle Now!