The Botany Shop Becomes an Integral Part of the South Bend Community


Adelyn Rabbitt, Reporter

If you drive down Portage Avenue in the Near Northwest Neighborhood of South Bend, you will eventually come across a small shop nestled among other small buildings. First impressions will reveal a newly renovated building that stands out among its surroundings. With “Botany Shop” plastered on the front windows and plants showing through the windows–and surrounding the building in the warmer months– it is clear what the shop sells. However, there is more to the shop than meets the eye.


Once you enter the shop, you are greeted at first by the sight of an expansive range of plants that are available for purchase. Next, you are greeted by the kind voices of the workers at the shop. The small pool of workers that are employed at the Botany Shop are very personable and knowledgeable about the plants and products that the shop sells. Keeping the staff at such a low number is intentional, as it keeps customers familiar with the workers and makes going to the shop a more personal experience.


Along with the wide range of greenery that the shop sells, there are many small businesses that sell their products at the shop. An entire section of the shop is dedicated to botany related items such as foods, gifts, and self-care items. Over time, the shop has collected products from over 22 local Michiana creators. With so many options of products and plants to buy, the shop has a layout that isn’t overwhelming, but instead relaxing and refreshing.


The impact of the Botany Shop even reaches beyond the shop itself. Among the team members that work at the shop, there is an appointed special events coordinator. With the help of this coordinator, the Botany Shop is able to reach out to the community through its participation in festivals and events in South Bend. Since its founding in 2018, the Botany Shop has benefited the South Bend community and has made a mark on the lives of many locals. If you are curious about visiting the local business, you can check out their very helpful website where you can find the location, upcoming events, and updates.