Walk a Mile In Her Shoes: Saint Margaret’s House Winter Walk


Adelyn Rabbitt, Reporter

Saint Margaret’s House is a commonly overseen but extremely important part of the South Bend community. It is a day center that works to help women and children living in economic poverty. They provide meals, help address needs, and offer assistance through programs to help get struggling citizens back on their feet.

Each winter, Saint Margaret’s House hosts a Winter Walk to raise awareness and money for the organization. The idea of the event is to “Walk a mile in her shoes”. On February 19, 2023, the 24th annual Winter Walk started at 2:30 in the afternoon. People crowded in the Saint Joseph County-City Building in the center of Downtown South Bend. Groups of people took pictures, made posters, and prepared for the walk.

Along with people who signed up to walk, there were multiple organizations in attendance. Our own John Adams Mental Health Club, Bring Change To Mind, was volunteering and cheering along the walkers. Also, the John Adams band led the walk, playing music to keep the energy of the crowds high and spirits uplifted. Around 2:30, the crowds of people began the mile-long walk. As cars passed the walkers, many honked or cheered out of the window. This part of the walk especially helps to raise awareness and make people curious about what the walk may be for. From an outside perspective, it was clear that the walk was for Saint Margaret’s house because of the posters and getup of the walkers.

The walk began at the Saint Joseph County-City Building but ended in the parking lot of Saint Margaret’s House. In the parking lot, news crews interviewed people about their experience and what it meant to them to be walking in or volunteering for the walk. There was also a tent set up with hot chocolate, cookies, and popcorn available for the walkers and volunteers.

The Saint Margaret’s Walk is always a success, and this year was no exception. Whether you want to donate your money or even just your time by walking to raise awareness, I highly encourage participating in the Winter Walk next year. If you would like to learn more about Saint Margaret’s House or would like to donate money, you can do so at these links.

Learn more: https://stmargaretshouse.org/

Donate: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=P6Y6YDRDJ3UKC&source=url