Recapping Season Three of Outer Banks


Madison Brady, Reporter

Many OBX fans have been desperately awaiting the release of season three of Outer Banks. Since season two was released in 2021, many viewers have been anxious to find out what happened to Big John, John B’s father. After fans were left with the dramatic cliffhanger, there had been a buzz about the arrival of season three. On February 23, 2023, Netflix received an overwhelming amount of users tuning in to watch the show. After only four days since its release, Outer Banks has already reached number one in the shows category on Netflix.

Season three, episode one, “Poguelandia”, perfectly recapped right where fans left off from the final episode of season two, “The Coastal Venture”. After only seeing a glimpse of their deserted island life, the viewers witnessed the OBX crew instantly take off on their next adventure in Barbados. From there, they encounter a criminal mastermind, Singh, who was already hot on the same golden treasure hunt trail that John B and his friends had been on since season one. Encounters with old enemies, as well as new ones, keep the crew on the run throughout most of the new season.

After many grueling hours of being stranded on the island of Barbados, the crew manages to return safely to their homes in Kildare County. The mystery involving Big John had finally been solved, and everyone reunited with their families. Although, their reunions did not last long, and the crew was on the move yet again. Singh was not pleased with the OBX teens’ getaway from Barbados, so, with his many connections, his criminal intelligence led him straight to them. By gaining leverage over John B specifically, Singh was able to manipulate the OBX crew into traveling to South America to help him solve the 500 year old treasure hunt mystery.

All three seasons of Outer Banks only possess ten episodes each, thus causing the episodes to be longer and contain more action. The final episode of season three, the longest out of the whole season, left fans with yet another cliffhanger. Although not as dramatic as the final episode in season two, many fans were curious to find out if a possible season four was in the near future. Outer Banks is packed full of comedy, romance, adventures, and much more, which attests to the show’s high popularity. Many teens, as well as mystery gurus, have enjoyed the storyline of Outer Banks and were the first ones to watch the new season as soon as it was released. With the possibility of new seasons ahead, many fans and newcomers will continue to watch the show and enjoy the contents of this beloved production. Cherished by many, Outer Banks has continued its incline as one of the most popular and “treasured” shows on Netflix.