Adams Quiz Bowl Meets with Historical Success in Their 2022-2023 Season

Adams Quiz Bowl Meets with Historical Success in Their 2022-2023 Season

Mariana Anderson, Reporter

This has been by far the best season in history for the Quiz Bowl team at Adams! If you are unfamiliar with Quiz Bowl, it is often described as Jeopardy, played as a team. “With no money involved” as David Nagy, junior at Adams and future team co-captain, points out. For regular season competition, there is a panel of four players competing against another panel of four players from an opposing team. Questions are read, and once a player thinks they know the answer, they buzz in to respond. Players are awarded for a correct answer either ten or fifteen points depending on the speed at which they buzz in. There are also lightning rounds during which teams must answer ten questions in 60 seconds as a unit. “Quiz Bowl is such a unique and rewarding activity because it bears not only the intellectual benefits of an academic team, but also a passionate and welcoming atmosphere that encourages curiosity, fellowship, and resilience” remarks Joe Kirner, Adams senior and current team captain. 

As part of the St. Joseph Valley league (all of the South Bend schools, plus local private schools), Adams was the only team to finish undefeated in both Junior Varsity and Varsity in the regular competition season. This marks the first time in history for this Quiz Bowl accomplishment at Adams. This year also became the first time since 1987 that the Quiz Bowl team won their regular season competition. This Saturday, Adams Varsity team members Joe Kirner (team captain), Eden Blakemore (team captain), Izzy Camilleri, Anna Rosato, Max Kolda, Michael Camilleri, Isaac Howk, David Nagy, Bol Agwick, Eavan Kelly, and team assistant coaches Jonah Arzadon, Lauren Gallegos, Lucy O’Brien and Ben McVeigh will participate along with fifteen of the other best teams in the state championship at Purdue University. “We’ll be looking to improve on our 9th place finish from last year” Joe Kirner points out. Mrs. Stanton-Verduzco (team coach) states her hope and excitement for the competition saying, “We have potential to maybe even be in the top two teams, but are just proud to even be in the top sixteen!” 

In addition to regular season competition, there are also Saturday tournaments, quite a few of  which the team has competed in this year. These tournaments has served as extra practice and preparation for the team’s regular season. Some of  them are also qualified tournaments for Nationals, which work a bit different from the regular Quiz Bowl season. There are three big National competitions: NAQT, Questions Unlimited, and PACE. In order to compete in those tournaments, teams receive invitations based on their performances in competitions. This year, for the first time ever, Adams got invited to participate in all three of these competitions! As of right now, the team is not sure if they will be able to make it to all three competitions, but they will definitely be going to Atlanta for NAQT for the second year in a row. Mrs. Stanton points out, “It will be nice to see how much we can improve from where we placed last year!” Not only are the Adams Quiz Bowl members extremely successful as a team this year, but students Joe Kirner, Eden Blakemore, Michael Camilleri and Jesse Rabbitt were all qualified for the individual National championship! “An unbelievable accomplishment,” expresses Mrs. Stanton.; especially for Jesse Rabbitt who is only a freshman this year at Adams!

Adams junior and future co-captain Lauren Gallegos says “I’m so excited and grateful to be co-captains next year with David and Jonah. They are both extremely gifted at Quiz Bowl and just all around great people. This year’s success comes 100% from Mrs. Stanton’s unbelievable support in everyone individually and the team as a whole! Additionally, Eden and Joe, and their dedication, along with all the other seniors, are going to leave huge shoes to fill, but I believe our junior class has learned a lot from the battle this year and will step up to the challenge next year!” David Nagy expresses “I’m very excited for next year! Not only will I be helping Mrs. Stanton and communicating more with the team, but I also have to help run practice, which will definitely change the way I approach quiz bowl. I love Lauren and Jonah, and there’s no better two people to be taking on this responsibility with!” Joe Kirner explains “being a captain this year, it’s been an honor to help facilitate the growth of our program and (hopefully!) plant the seeds for a perennial regional powerhouse. Although we still have our biggest competitions ahead of us this year, I can’t help but anticipate the continued progress the team will make next year under the leadership of incoming captains Jonah Arzadon, Lauren Gallegos, and David Nagy. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by their dedication, resolve, and sportsmanship, and I know they’ll take John Adams Quiz Bowl to even greater heights!” 

The Quiz Bowl Junior Varsity team will participate in their regular season tournament on February 23, 2023. The State Championship for Varsity will take place February 18, 2023. NAQT HSCNT (High School Championship National Tournament) will take place the last weekend of May. Lastly, the Quiz Bowl team will be hosting their Trivia Night fundraiser March 24th where students, teachers, and parents can build teams and compete against the rest of the school! Joe Kirner exclaims “It’s always a lot of fun and even the people who say they are bad at trivia always end up actually knowing quite a lot. Teams composed of parents have won the past two times so we need a student team to step up and show out this year!” Attached to the article will be the event info, so make sure you check it out and stop by to support your fellow eagles!