Georgina Coria


Julia Maina, Editor-in-Chief

Georgina Coria, a partial International Baccalaureate (IB) student and an aspiring travel nurse continues to excel in her future studies and extracurricular activities. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant during her junior year, Coria works at Creekside Village in Mishawaka, IN. In addition to her work, she is a member of Spanish Honor Society, John Adams Volunteer Association, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and is the senior representative for the International Student Organization. Through all the work in and out of school, Coria dedicates her involvement in hopes for new opportunities. 

“I wanted to be very involved with the school and I knew this would also be a great opportunity to make new friends and also learn new things.” Coria said.

The partial IB student, taking IB Language B Higher Level and AP Literature and Composition is also a part of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) health and sciences program. This year, Coria chose the pathway of Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA) and Phlebotomy. 

“My junior year we learned all about the body systems and also started learning our med terms. My senior year we had different options to choose from, I chose CCMA and Phlebotomy. We learned all the modules to become a medical assistant and also once a week we practiced drawing blood from each other or people in the national guard.” Coria said. 

Currently working externships with Saint Joseph, Coria is also studying numerous hours for her end of the year exams. If she passes, she will be a CCMA and Phlebotomist, graduating with a career already set in stone. Though she is undecided on a college, Coria still strives to study nursing, receiving a license to become a travel nurse.

“I loved this program, it gave me many good opportunities to help me in the future. This program gave me a good headstart and I’m very appreciative.” Coria said.

Inspiring words Coria would share with underclassmen would be to enjoy the four short years while they last, getting involved, and sticking with healthy friendships. She hopes to be a good example to those younger than her, specifically her sister, showing off all the hard work she has done to get where she’s at.

“Although everyone always says it, high school does go by really fast so make sure to enjoy it. Join that sport or club you want to get into, make healthy friends and let toxic people in your life go. Also set yourself up for success, don’t slack off your freshman year because you think it’s easy, do your work but also don’t stress about it too much, there is more to life than just getting good grades.” Coria concluded .

The Tower thanks Georgina for the work she’s done, and the work she will continue to do in our healthcare systems, and wishes her the best in her future endeavors!